Deforestation Solutions: 6 Powerful Ways To Save Trees

Deforestation Solutions

The deforestation issue and solutions

Deforestation is the act of clear-cutting a natural forest. Clear cutting is removing every single tree from an area. This is bad for the environment, causing accelerated climate change, worse water quality, temperature increase, and less humidity. The deforestation taking place in the amazon is the highest it’s been in 12 years, so now is the time to start discussing some deforestation solutions.

The causes of deforestation can be either natural or human. Here are some examples of both.

Natural deforestation

  • Hurricanes
  • Wild Fires
  • Parasites
  • Flooding

Human deforestation

  • Agriculture
  • Cattle
  • Wood harvesting
  • Mining
  • Oil
  • New infrastructure

We are going to focus on the human causes as we can affect those most. Let’s get into six of the possibilities to help with deforestation.

New government legislation for deforestation solutions

The most effective solution to stopping deforestation by humans is enacting new laws and regulations for the environment. The Green New Deal speaks a bit on afforestation. Afforestation is the planting of new trees in an area that wasn’t previously forested.

The reason the Green New Deal doesn’t touch on deforestation is simply that the majority of it is not happening in America, it is mostly affecting South American rain forests. Nevertheless, planting more trees in America can help offset some of the deforestations of other areas for global warming. However, deforestation can affect local areas as well referring to some of the other points I brought up in the intro such as humidity loss and local temperature increase.

All over the world we must encourage our governments to enact new laws to stop deforestation, as this is the single most effective way we can help.

Go vegetarian or vegan, or simply eat less meat

One reason for deforestation is agriculture and cattle farming. If we reduce the demand for meat, we can lessen the amount of animal farming and thus replenish those areas through afforestation. This is one of our best deforestation solutions aside from legislation.

You don’t have to fully give up meat, just see if you can reduce your consumption at first and try some new recipes. Maybe you’ll eventually find out you prefer vegetarian recipes over meat recipes and won’t miss it any longer.

Cattle are actually the highest source of greenhouse gasses across the globe, so eating meat not only causes forest loss but also affects global temperatures.


Reforestation is simply replanting a previously forested area with trees again, where afforestation is planting trees in an area that was not previously forested.

You can get involved with reforestation by volunteering if you have the resources to do so. Another option if you are not able to volunteer is to simply donate to charities that help plant trees.

We can also encourage those in the forestry industry to replant forests that they harvest, to replace all of the trees and allow the habitat to grow back.

Vote with your dollars

Buy products from companies that don’t contribute to deforestation. An example would be don’t buy regular toilet paper. Instead buy either recycled toilet paper or bamboo toilet paper. We go more in-depth on bamboo toilet paper in our bathroom products article.

Decreasing the demand for paper products will decrease the number of trees cut down, so simply avoid buying paper products if at all possible. As with toilet paper, you should buy recycled paper towels or just wash reusable towels instead.

Stand with the indigenous

Some of the worlds forests are inhabited by indigenous people. The land should stay within their hands as it is their home, so we must support them and help them to keep their land rights.

This is especially important in Brazil, as the amazon is hit hard by not only fires but commercial deforestation as well.

This is a great resource for helping the indigenous stay on their land, and it focuses on the amazon. Of all deforestation solutions, this is one of the most important as it helps people stay in their homes.

Education campaigns

Many people are not aware of how forests affect our lives, and the different dangers these forests face. Many people live in cities and are unaware of the issues rural areas face.

Obviously, deforestation happens in rural areas, so it is easy to be disconnected from the issue and to not be aware of the issues deforestation causes or why forests are so important.

To combat this, we must have more education campaigns and ensure that the important of forests is taught in our schools.

We must enact solutions to deforestation

Be more vocal about deforestation and write to your representatives. Bringing awareness to others is the most powerful way we can make a change. Share articles on social media about the deforestation of the Amazon as well!

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Comment below or contact us if you have any further ideas on solutions to deforestation!

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