9 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Brands To Support Now

Eco friendly brands

It shouldn’t be news to you if you’ve found this page, but we are in a climate crisis that shows no signs of slowing down. Most likely, you’re looking to make some changes in your daily life and purchasing habits to help curb the environmental toll. Like you, I also try my best to lessen my day-to-day impact by purchasing eco-friendly brands in particular.

When purchasing eco-friendly brands, it is best to look for certain qualities that prove their commitment to helping the environment. This is because some companies try to sell products with the keyword eco-friendly but underneath aren’t exactly an “eco-friendly company”.

The following are qualities I personally look for when purchasing eco friendly products:

  • A company statement about their commitment to the environment
  • Packaging for their products are as eco friendly as possible
  • The product itself is not created in a way that creates a major environmental impact

This article will go over various brands and products, including cleaning products, bathroom products, kitchen products, and more. I’ll be showing product examples from amazon, but feel free to research these brands further on their websites. Without any further introduction, let’s get into eco-friendly brands you can support!


If you’re looking for replacements to your paper products, Caboo is a great choice. They offer a range of products such as toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, napkins and baby wipes. All of their products are made with bamboo, and reading a bit into their company about page shows that they care about the environment all the way through.

They ensure that their packaging is biodegradable (for the most part, some products still use a small amount of recyclable plastic packaging) and that their shipping routes are the most carbon-efficient.

Amazon product reviews put most around a 4-star rating, so those who buy it like it. Additionally, most of the products are pretty affordable when comparing to other non-sustainable brands. You can check out some of their products below:


I’ve mentioned Cleancult in a lot of my articles for good reason, including a full review of the subscription box. Cleancult is the only brand I know of that offers a fully sustainable cleaning product service. You can subscribe to receive cleaning products every so often, and you can pause the subscription if you accumulate too much product. It is also pretty flexible allowing you to make one-time purchases as well.

They send you glass containers that you refill. These containers are sent in recyclable cardboard boxes. The refills for the products come in recyclable and sustainable packaging. The dish soap and multi-purpose cleaner come in cardboard cartons, while the dishwasher and laundry tablets come in paper mailers. Both of these packaging materials are recyclable.

Cleancult is my personal favorite eco-friendly brand. You can either purchase from their website, or you can find the products on amazon listed below:

World Brand

World Brand creates only one product, paper straws. Their straws are biodegradable and compostable, which is great as many recycling facilities do not accept a food-contaminated paper. They are rated very well on amazon at 4.5 out of 5 stars, and they hold up well in hot or cold drinks.

The straws come in recyclable cardboard packaging and aren’t very expensive when comparing to plastic straws. World Brand also sells in bulk to businesses, so if you own a restaurant or other business that could benefit, consider swapping over to paper straws. Check them out on Amazon:


WoodAble makes wooden cutlery and is committed to environmental friendliness. On their website, they say the acres of forest is fed water that runs off from the mountains. When they create their products, they use the entire tree and direct any unused water to manmade canals. Additionally, they replant the forest after harvesting so the same land is in use as opposed to just logging forests and moving on.

This eco-friendly brand is definitely committed to the environment, so if you were looking for an alternative to plastic cutlery, this would be a good bet. They’re not super expensive because you get a lot of cutlery, and the ratings are amazing on amazon, above 4.5 stars. Also, amazon recognizes them with their “Climate Pledge Friendly” tag!


You may not have heard of them, but dropps pioneered the original laundry detergent pod! They developed these pods in order to leave no trace on the environment and reduce single-use plastic.

Their main product is their laundry detergent which you can find on their website or Amazon, but they do sell other products such as fabric softener, dryer balls, and dish detergent. Their packaging is recyclable cardboard, with the fully biodegradable pods inside to leave the least environmental impact possible.

In addition to all of that, they are committed to carbon-neutral shipping! They are rated very well on Amazon as well, hovering around 4.5 for each product with almost one thousand reviews each. Another important note is they have the “Climate Pledge Friendly” tag on Amazon. Here are some of the products below:

Sheets Laundry Club

This is actually another laundry detergent option. Sheets Laundry Club creates dissolvable sheets of detergent to throw in the wash, instead of a pod. This isn’t their only product, they do also make scent boosters, dishwasher detergent, solid dish soap, and self-care products.

Their packaging for all of their products is paper/cardboard and easily recyclable, and the products themselves dissolve in the washer or dishwasher. This means their footprint is very low. There aren’t a ton of reviews on amazon for the solid dish soap or the scent boosters, but the sheets are rated 4.6 out of 5 and are said to work very well.

These actually aren’t very expensive either, at around 15 bucks for 50 loads of laundry. Like the other options, they are “Climate Pledge Friendly” on Amazon, making this a great eco-friendly brand! Here are some of the products below:


Greenzla makes a couple of different products and prides itself on being eco-friendly. They have some unique products such as reusable makeup remover pads. Makeup usually is the opposite of eco-friendly, but we are progressing further and further towards making makeup sustainable!

The makeup remover pads come with a laundry bag. Basically, you just throw them into the laundry bag and wash them all at once. They are made of organic bamboo cotton as well, so you can be sure they are sustainable.

Another product Greenzla carries is a bamboo utensil set with a toothbrush. This is a great travel set to take with you in your bag or if you are going camping. Both of these products are highly rated, and the brand is environment first. Here are the products below:


One big household contributor to waste is food storage. Narrowing down even further, if you use single-use cling wraps, Wexbie has an eco-friendly alternative.

Wexbie makes reusable beeswax food wraps. These are great for sandwiches, fruit and veggies, cheese, and covering bowls. When they get dirty, you can just wash them with cool water and soap. When you’re done, they are 100% biodegradable. Additionally, the reviews on amazon place them at 4.3 out of 5 making them a great option.

The only downside of these wraps is that it takes a bit to get used to. Traditional cling wraps seal tightly whereas this does stick but is not as strong as cling wrap does.

SF Bay Coffee

I’m not going to lie, I love my Keurig, and it has been challenging to find a replacement to the single-use coffee pods. Thankfully, now there is a great option! SF Bay Coffee makes some awesome biodegradable coffee pods making it an awesome eco-friendly brand.

You might be thinking there’s no way it could be good or work well, but it does! There are over 12,000 reviews placing these at 4.6 out of 5 stars so don’t just take my word for it. If you compost these are a great addition, and if you don’t compost, it’s worth getting started.

The one link below shows you all of the flavor options:

Final thoughts on eco-friendly brands

Stay on the lookout for more alternatives for the day to day items you use just once and throw away. There are many products we can replace with eco friendly alternatives to lessen our plastic use overall. At the end of the day, buyer demand is what changes our products and they adapt.

There are more eco friendly options today than there were just a few years ago, and we are making a ton of progress. If you see a new eco friendly brand that you think deserves to be on the list, comment below or contact us!

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