Cleancult: The best option for eco friendly cleaning products?

Cleancult Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Not long ago, it was very difficult to find eco friendly cleaning products. One option was to create cleaning supplies at home and package in reusable containers. While this is probably still the best option if you’re trying to minimize your impact, Cleancult has a set of eco friendly cleaning products that can bridge the gap.

If you’re like me, you may not feel that you have the time to completely commit to a zero waste lifestyle. These products really minimize your impact through the use of eco friendly packaging, all recyclable, and using refillable containers.

My husband and I have been using Cleancult’s eco friendly cleaning products for about 6 months now with few complaints. Let’s go through a complete breakdown!

Cleancult Pricing

When you initially order Cleancult, the best deal is to get one of the starter kit bundles. The full package including the hand soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry tablets, multipurpose cleaner, dryer balls, and funnel runs about $76 for the first time purchase (this is a sale price, it’s usually always on sale but full price is around $100). I recommend using this link to get 35% off instead!

From that point on, you pay for refills that come in great sustainable packaging (we will get into that later). For my personal subscription, I pay $30.88 every two months for refills. For that cost, my subscription includes:

  • Multi Purpose Cleaner ($6.99 per 16 fl oz refill)
  • Laundry Detergent ($8.45 per 18 tablet refill)
  • Dish Soap ($6.99 per 18 tablet refill)
  • Dishwasher Tablets ($8.45 per 16 fl oz refill)

My husband and I are just a two person household, so the refill lasts us the entire two months. Actually, we have a couple multi-purpose cleaner refills that we haven’t opened yet. Maybe that is a sign we should be cleaning more often…

You can mix and match what is on your subscription, or you can even do 1 time purchases for another hand soap dispenser for example. If you want specific costs for each product for first time purchase vs refills, they are at the end of every review section below.

Cleancult Packaging

Cleancult made sure that all of their packagings are recyclable. The dishwasher and laundry detergent tablets refills arrive in paper mailers. The multipurpose cleaner and dish soap refills come in cardboard cartons. Overall the packaging is colorful and fun, and most importantly, eco-friendly.

Cleancult Bottles and Containers

I don’t have any complaints. They bottles have plastic tops, glass body and a rubberized section at the bottom for anti-slip. The only downside is that there are only two color options on each of the container types. If you get one of the bundles, it will come with a funnel that you can use to refill the multi-purpose cleaner and soaps easily.

Cleancult All Purpose Cleaner

I actually look forward to wiping down the kitchen counters because of the orange zest scent. It is an All-Purpose Cleaner so it works well in the bathroom, kitchen, and any other surfaces in the house.

However, it seems surfaces are left feeling a little oily for a while after cleaning. Refills on the all-purpose cleaner are $6.99 for a 16 fl oz carton while buying the cleaner and bottle combo for the first time is $16.45.

Cleancult Laundry Tablets

The laundry tablets work, clothes seem to be fresh, clean and soft every time no matter the load size. We don’t usually buy fragrance-free detergent, however that is the only option Cleancult offers for now.

On the eco-friendliness side, the refills come in a paper mailer that is recyclable. The detergent block is housed inside of a vacuum-sealed dissolving pouch, so overall these work well and seem to be a good eco friendly alternative.

As far as cost, it is $14.45 to get the initial container and first tablets, and then you can get 18 tablets per refill at $8.45. Realistically, that is not many loads of laundry for the cost. The upside is that you are not throwing away a large plastic tub every time you finish your laundry detergent.

Cleancult Dryer Balls

I had not tried using dryer balls up until starting my subscription with Cleancult, I had always used dryer sheets. Since getting these I haven’t really missed using dryer sheets, and I feel a lot better about not creating unnecessary waste.

The dryer balls are fragrance-free like the laundry tablets, so we did have to get used to unscented clothes. This is definitely one change everyone can make to lessen their impact. Our only downside was that our dog also loved the dryer balls and thought they were his toys. Soon we will be purchasing new ones, the price for a set is $9.99.

Cleancult Dish Soap

Honestly, dish soap is dish soap. There is nothing new or profound about Cleancult’s dish soap, but it is lemongrass scented which is a huge plus. It works just as well as any other dish soap, doesn’t seem to leave a residue. The biggest plus is more on the eco friendly side, the refills come in cartons so you can easily recycle. Name brands such as Dawn are definitely cheaper but they are packaged in plastic. The refills currently cost $6.99 each, while buying the pre-filled reusable bottle will initially cost $15.45.

Cleancult Dishwasher Tablets

Our dishes always come out clean with no residue using the Cleancult tablets. We used to use Cascade dishwasher tablets and we haven’t noticed a difference between the two.

As expected, these tablets are a bit more expensive than other name brands such as Cascade. Usually cost is the trade-off for eco friendliness, as these tablets are shipped in paper mailers. Although we are spending more money on this part, I am happier to not be consuming plastic tubs.

The cost of the initial container and tablets is $14.45, while the refills cost $8.45 per 18 tablets.


I already hit on it a few times, but the biggest upsides to Cleancult’s subscription service are that:

  1. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to buy these supplies in the store again
  2. You are no longer producing plastic waste by buying large plastic tubs of laundry detergent, or other cleaning supplies packaged in plastic

The laundry detergent and dishwasher tablets come in recyclable paper mailers, while the liquid cleaning supplies such as soaps and all purpose cleaner come in recyclable cartons.

Another great thing that cleancult does, is they recycle for you. If you are in an area where you cannot recycle the cartons, you can get a free shipping label and mail them for recycling for free through the Cleancult website.

Does Cleancult Have the Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products?

In conclusion, Cleancult has a good set of eco friendly cleaning products that can provide all of your cleaning staples. We have enjoyed using it thus far and haven’t had any issues. The biggest downside to Cleancult is the price. While it is significantly more expensive than buying the big name brand products in stores, you also can feel better about reducing your plastic consumption enormously.

There are some other good ways to cut costs by creating your own cleaning products, but the con on that is time spent creating the cleaning solution.

I feel that Cleancult’s products best fit with those who are looking to make an eco friendly change in their every day lives, but also are lacking free time to save money and create their own products are home. If you have bought Cleancult or have any questions or opinions on this topic, feel free to comment below or contact us!

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