Pela Case Slim Review: One year and it is still going strong

Review Pela Case

Pela Case Slim Review

After a year with a biodegradable phone case, I believe it’s time for a Pela Case slim review. I have always felt that all of the plastic phone cases are so wasteful, phones are usually upgraded every few years. I have always been one to keep the same phone case from when I first get my phone until I get a new one.

Americans throw away about 151 million phones yearly.

Phones make up a significant amount of E-Waste, of which only about 20% is recycled. Assuming each of them has a plastic case, that is even more waste. Luckily, the Pela Case is 100% biodegradable, and I personally believe all phone cases should be at this point.

Pela Cases are made of a flax straw material and compostable bioplastic, about 55% of the formula is comprised of non-renewable resources. They are striving to get to 100% renewable, but they’re just not there yet.

I broke down my review into the major purchasing factors most people look for in a phone case: cost, durability, drop testing, and overall worth, you can click the links below to skip to what you’re looking for.

Quick review guide:

  • Pela Phone Case Cost
  • Durability
  • Can it survive drops?
  • Is it worth it?

How much do the cases cost?

Personally, I purchased the slim case in purple, so this review will be centered around the slim pela case. Arguably, the slim case is the least durable, so since mine held up for over a year now, it is safe to say the others will fare even better.

When I ordered over a year ago, I don’t believe there were many options. However, now there are quite a few options, so I will break them down by least to most expensive:

  • Slim Case (What I currently use) – $29.95
    • A slim case that isn’t as durable as the others, but has lasted over a year for myself with minimal damage.
Slim Case
  • Reborn – $39.95
    • Marketed as a sturdier case, that has more durability and will last longer than the slim case.
Reborn Case
  • Engraved or Clear Cases – $44.95
    • At this price point you can either get a pela case with engravings on the back (such as a sea turtle or planet), or you can get the first compostable clear backed phone case. (why get that exclusive iPhone color if you cant show it off, right?)
Engraved Case
Clear Case
  • Wallet cases – $49.95 to $54.95
    • These cases have a pouch in the back to store debit/credit cards, hence the wallet. The pricier ones for $54.95 are either special edition or have a special engraved design.
Pela Wallet Case
  • Printed Cases – $44.95
    • My favorite and probably my next case, these printed and unique ones just came out!
Pela Printed Case

How durable are the Pela Phone Cases?

In order to properly review the Pela Case, we must take durability into account. Here is a slideshow of my case after a year of use. As you can see, imperfections are not noticeable from even a short distance, so I included a close-up picture of what it looks like.

Review Pela Case
Review Pela Case

As you can see, there are some imperfections and some of it clearly has gotten worn down. Honestly, it has exceeded my expectations as far as durability. Thinking about a biodegradable phone case, I expected that it would start to biodegrade in my pocket due to regular elements such as water, sweat, and also rubbing against pants when placing in my pocket.

Their FAQ actually states that you can wash cases without worry. Cleancult has some good soap if you’re feel like making another eco friendly change. The cases were designed to only biodegrade while in a compost bin (requiring moisture, heat, and microorganisms).

Can the Pela Case Slim survive drops?

I have dropped my phone many times from about 5 feet and the phone and case did not suffer any damage. The sides and back seem pretty sturdy and can take a beating.

While I will not personally be dropping my phone for review purposes, Pela actually did their own drop test video, and the results are actually really good.

At one point they drop a phone in the Slim case from about 20 feet, and it survives unscathed.

Additionally, the FAQ on their website says that they are military grade and have done 6 ft drop tests.

So, can it survive drops? The answer is yes.

Pela Case Slim Review Wrap Up: Are the cases worth it?

Yes, in my opinion, it is worth it. A full review of the pela case shows it is a decent price, is durable, can survive drops, and is eco-friendly.

The otterbox, one of the most popular phone cases, starts at $39.95. While I am aware that it serves a different purpose, being extra rugged for those who are more at risk of dropping their phones, I think this proves eco-friendly phone cases are now affordable options.

I personally use the Slim case as I have clearly already stated, but I want to stress that it starts at just $29.95.

Seeing as otterbox and other popular phone cases have higher price points, I feel that the Pela Case is priced fairly and does a similar job.

The biggest pro to the Pela Cases are that they are biodegradable. In fact, the recommended way to dispose of the case is composting. I always felt terrible about throwing away unnecessary plastic before this compostable option, and phone cases are basically necessary. This is one small change you can make to lessen your impact on the environment, think of it as voting with your dollars.

Let me know your thoughts on the Pela Case below in the comments.

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