Caledonia State Park: The complete guide to camping

Caledonia State Park Hiking

Caledonia State Park Camping Guide

Caledonia State Park has a total of 1125 acres and lies between Chambersburg and Gettysburg. There is a few creeks that run through the park that allow for some decent fishing, and there is a really nice picnic area. There is a lot of parking available for day trips as well, with short walks to trails, bathrooms, and a pool. Another important note, is that there are two campsites, Hosack Run, and Chinquapin East and West. A campsite map can be found here.

Caledonia State Park Campsites

Hosack Run

On our trip, we stayed in Hosack Run. This campsite is a mixture of Tent and RV spaces. There are a bunch of full hookup RV sites as well as Electric and Non-Electric sites. The most notable difference is that these sites in general are closer together than the Chinquapin ones, although there are a few sites that are more secluded. Pets are also allowed at this campsite, which is ideal for us since Astro loves camping.

Chinquapin East and West

These campgrounds are on a hill and have a ton of space between most of them. There is a mix of Modern Electric, Full Hookup, and Modern Non-Electric sites. These campsites do not allow pets.

Tent Camping

Electric Sites

The electric sites are either 50W or 30W mostly. Here is an example of a site with pictures. Additionally, they are leveled out with gravel. The sites are spread out relatively well, but due to landscape some are more remote than others.

Non-Electric Sites

There are some very cool non-electric sites such as the spot below. This spot is in the very beginning of Hosack Run, and also in its own cove near the stream. These are ideal for those who want to be a bit further away from other people.

PA State Park Campsite

RV Camping

Electric Sites

The electric sites described above for tent camping are the same sites for RVs. These are used by both. As stated before, they are either 50W or 30W and provide some more privacy in general, as Full Hookup sites usually need to be closer together.

PA State Park Campsite

Full Hookup Sites

We had no issue with our Full Hookup site other than one…. if you choose site 173, backing in is actually pretty challenging. Full hookup sites are either 50W or 30W. Each site has a different back in length, so be sure to check that when making a reservation. The distance between Full Hookup sites here is actually better than most campsites.

Our Campsite


There is only one “cabin”, and I put it in quotes because its actually just a house. Check out the pictures here.

Group Tenting

Caledonia State Park offers five group tenting areas. They are all unique and have different pros and cons. So, if you’d like to see some pictures of a group tenting area, here you go.


Pets are allowed in the Hosack Run campground only, the Chinquapin campsites do not allow pets.

Caledonia State Park Amenities

Bathrooms and Showers

Honestly, one of the best features of the park are the bathrooms. These bathrooms for both campsites were built very recently, and has a place on the back of the building to wash dishes. There are 4 showers in each bathroom, each with their own changing room area. The only downside to list is that the water does not get very warm. Our showers were cooler than we would like.


WiFi and Cell Service

The cell service for Verizon is not good, I was at 1-2 bars the whole time while in the Hosack Run campground. When you get to the main area of the park it is slightly better. The park only provides Wifi in the park office and within about 50 ft of the building. The campsites have none. This is never really a requirement of ours, but we understand others may need to stay connected for one reason or another.

Water + Sewage Dump Stations

There are multiple water hookup sites throughout the park, you can check the map to see where they are exactly. There are also sanitary dumping stations in both campsites.

Dump and Water Station

Things to do in Caledonia State Park


There are about 10 miles of hiking trails in Caledonia State Park. We went on a pretty long hike up a hill, using the ramble trail, appalachian trail and three valley trail. There are a couple creeks in the park that you’ll come across that have some fish. We also had a visitor, a Deer on the trail.

PA State Park Hiking
PA State Park Hiking
PA State Park Hiking


Caledonia State Park does not have any mountain biking trails in particular, but the roads seem to be well maintained and you can bike around the campsites. Chinquapin East and West are on a hill, so it may be a bit challenging to bike around there. Hosack Run doesn’t have as extreme of hills.


The streams running through Caledonia State Park, along with a larger pond area, house a couple different fish that you can catch. You are able to catch the following fish here:

  • Brown trout
  • Native brook trout
  • Rainbow trout
Tree In the River


Although there is no beach or lake here to swim, Caledonia State Park does have a pool! The pool is ADA accessible, and open most of the summer. In the early and late summer, the pool is only open on weekends.

Caledonia Arts and Crafts Fair

Every summer there is an arts and crafts fair held in the park. It happens every second Saturday in July. If you plan your trip for this weekend, make sure to check out all the crafts for sale and food!

Things to do outside Caledonia State Park

There are a few things to do in the surrounding area of the park if you have some extra time. Tap the links to start navigating!

Visit Gettysburg (20 min drive)

Gettysburg was one of the turning points for the Civil War, and only a 20 minute drive away. You can visit the museum, which has many exhibits showing old weapons, stories, and artifacts. After visiting the museum, you can drive through the battlefields and visit some historic landmarks such as Eisenhower National Historic Site.


Totem Pole Playhouse (2 min drive)

The Totem Pole Playhouse has been open since the 1950’s and runs shows during the summer. This place is only a few minutes from the park, so if you want to catch a play it is a great option! You can check out what is currently playing here.

Groceries near Caledonia State Park

If you’re like us, sometimes you don’t stock the fridge for the RV until after you get to your campsite. Here are the closest stores to get some groceries, tap the link to start navigating.

Dollar General (7 min drive)

Dollar General is usually good for getting some more basic items, such as bread and butter for mountain pies.

Walmart (14 min drive)

If you need more than just food, there is a close walmart for camping gear and bugspray etc.

ALDI (19 min drive)

Aldi is the bargain place for food, so if you’re on a budget this is the best option.


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Caledonia State Park has some great hiking, nice brand bathrooms, allows pets for some campsites, and has some really close entertainment if you don’t want to stay at the campsite the whole time. I am sure we will be revisiting in the future!

If you’d like to find more PA state parks to visit, check out our Camping in PA category.

Leave a comment below if you’ve visited this park and let us know your thoughts!

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