Lyman Run State Park: The complete guide for camping

Nick and Astro

Lyman Run State Park Camping Guide

One of the biggest pro’s of Lyman Run State Park is the 45 acre lake. Nick and I love camping at state parks with lakes because we enjoy kayaking and swimming if there’s a beach, and there is a beach here!

Lyman Run State Park is 595 acres overall, with some good hiking. Let’s break down the camping options, and then I’ll let you know what activities are available in the park and the surrounding area.

Dam at Lyman Run


First things first, we have got to know where were going! Here are all of the maps on the state park website. You can view the campsite map, lake depth map, and hiking trail maps (under recreational maps) there.

Also, there are ATV trails, and snowmobile trails at this park, here are those maps.

Lyman Run State Park Campsites

Lyman Run is located in the upper middle section of the state, and very close to Cherry Springs State Park. Both of these parks are amazing for stargazing due to minimal light pollution.

Lyman Run State Park on Google Maps

There are two campgrounds, the upper and the lower campground. Both are pretty small in comparison to most state parks in pennsylvania, and there aren’t many spots and they are further spread out.

Tent Camping

Electric Sites

There are 29 Modern Electric sites available at this park, checkout the link to campsite maps above to see where they all are. They are all 50A hookups.

You can view photos of one of the campsites here.

They are pretty spacious in comparison to other parks, with a gravel driveway, picnic table and fire place as usual.

Non-Electric Sites

My favorites were the Non-Electric Tent Only sites, they are secluded although walking distance to the bathroom and showers. This is the site we stayed at, it was basic camping with just our tents and firepit.

The rustic campsites at pa state parks are the best in my opinion, because you’re usually further away from other people and it feels more like you’re in the woods.

RV Camping

Electric Sites

Unfortunately Lyman Run does not have any Full Hookup options, although there is water and sewage dump close by in both campsites in the park. The electric sites are 50A and spread out very well since this is a more rural park. Also, these are the same electric sites that can be used for tents, if you prefer tent camping.


There aren’t any cabins at Lyman Run State Park. So, the only options are tent camping or bringing your RV.


You can bring your dog in the lower campground! We usually always stay at campsites that allow pets, since Astro loves to go camping with Nick and I.

Astro Camping

Things to do in Lyman Run State Park


We did a bit of hiking, we took the Lyman Run Trail on one of our hikes. This trail is awesome for shutterbugs since there are alot of scenic areas to go to along with streams. However beware of this trail, we were unable to find part of the trail and ended up crossing the stream. That could have been our own fault, but it was fun nonetheless!

Lyman Run contains five trails, and most are difficult. The area is pretty hilly/mountainous so expect to be hiking uphill. For a full description of each trail go here.

Lyman Run Hiking
The Lyman Run trail runs along some streams.


The 45 acre lake at Lyman Run State Park has a well maintained beach for swimming. We visited during May, so it wasn’t quite warm enough to swim.

That being said, you got to visit the beach if you’re here in the summer.

Lyman Run Lake

ATV Riding

This one is unique, Lyman Run State Park has some places for ATV riding. The state park is close to the Susquehannock ATV Trail, which is 43 miles long. There is a designated parking spot for those with ATVs and restrooms and refreshments are available close to the lot.


You can really only catch trout in the lake, and it is stocked yearly in the spring. There is a stream running from the lake where you can catch fish as well.

Ice fishing is also permitted if you’re planning to visit in the winter, however the ice thickness is not kept track of, so you’ll have to figure that out on your own.


There is a small hill near the dam that you can use for sledding in the winter. Although that isn’t super impressive, this is one of the only PA state parks I’ve been to that have an area where you can go sledding.

Ice Skating

In the winter, ice skating is allowed at the beach area where you would normally swim during summer months.

Once again, ice thickness is not kept track of, so you’ll have to figure that out on your own.


There are 43 miles of trails that you can use snowmobiles on in the Susquehannock State Forest. Not many pa state parks have this as an option, so this is a great park to visit in the winter.

Things to do outside Lyman Run State Park

There really isn’t that much around Lyman Run State Park honestly, as it is in the middle upper section of the state and really secluded. Tap the links below to navigate.

Black Forest Trading Post And Deer Park (15 minute drive)

We did not get a chance to visit while we were there, but I’ve only been to one other deer park in Cook’s Forest, and I think this is pretty unique.

PA Grand Canyon (43 minute drive)

This one is farther than I usually put for nearby attractions, but…. its the PA Grand Canyon. So, if this is the only time you’ll be close to it, you should visit!

Groceries near Lyman Run State Park

There aren’t many shopping options that are close, after Galeton Shop ‘n Save, the next closest store is about 40 minutes away.

Galeton Shop ‘n Save (16 minute drive)


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If you’re going to visit Lyman Run, just know it has a ton of outdoor activities. If you want to visit in the winter, bring your snowmobile (if you have one), or you can ice skate (thickness permitting) or sled.

Another huge pro to this park, is that you can stargaze easily because there is so little light pollution in the area. If you’re tired of pa state parks that seem too popular or have too many people, this one is rural and secluded, with a gravel road to the park. This is one of the most “disconnected” camping experiences Nick and I have had and we honestly loved it!

If you’d like to learn more about other PA state parks to visit, go to our camping in pa category!

Leave a comment if you visited this park and let us know your thoughts!

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