Ryerson Station State Park: The complete guide for camping

Astro and I

Ryerson Station State Park is a great place for hikers, campers, and those who like sledding or snowmobiling in the winter. Nick and I loved camping at this one.

Camping at this park feels a lot different than the others Nick and I have visited. I think that this is because it feels very rural. The area is very hilly, which makes hiking difficult.

The campsites seem to be pretty new, with a central bathroom that is well maintained. There is even a place to buy firewood, which you don’t see often in state park campsites.

If you’re looking to book a campsite at Ryerson, you can go here.

Ryerson Hiking

Ryerson Station State Park Camping Guide


I’m going to start by providing the maps on the pa state parks website. These will be useful for finding bathrooms and your campsite. In addition, these maps include hiking trails.


The campsites at Ryerson are exceptional in comparison to many other parks, in my opinion.

All of the sites are on a big loop. Additionally, the RV sites are super easy to back into as they are just slightly angled from the road.

The sites are very far away from each other, once again, in comparison to other parks. Therefore, these have had the most space of any I’ve visited so far.

There are non-electric sites, electric sites, full hookup sites, and really nice cabins!

There is one large bathroom in the middle of all of the sites, with warm showers and regular flush toilets.

Also, one of the biggest pros is that there is a place to buy firewood in the park. There is a place to buy bundles out of cubby holes, all self-service. They are $5 a bundle.

Firewood Sale

Tent Camping

Modern Tent Only

There are some sites that are tent only, without electricity or hookups. You can view an example here. Also, these sites have parking spaces for cars, a fire pit, and picnic tables.

As with any PA state park campsite, there is a max limit of 5 people per site, but if each of those 5 wanted to bring their own tent, I honestly believe they could.

Ryerson Tent Only
Electric Sites

There are also electric sites, these can be used by tents or RVs. Also, they have a gravel spot to back in the RV, and a back in spot for your vehicle as well.

The electric sites have 50-amp hookups. Here is an example of a 50-amp electric site.

Ryerson Electric Only

RV Camping

Electric Sites

As already stated above, the electric sites at this park can be used by either tents or RVs. Also, these electric sites are 50-amp hookups.

Full Hookup Sites

A nice surprise is that Ryerson Station State Park has 6 full hookup sites that include 50-amp electric and sewage.

Many state parks in PA don’t seem to have many full hookup sites, especially the more rural ones.

Ryerson Full Hookup


Ryerson State Park has a ton of really nice cabins. Honestly, they looked pretty new.

I wasn’t able to grab a picture because they were all full for our weekend. Even as we were leaving, the cabins were still occupied.

To view what one looks like, follow this link.


Pets are allowed at certain campsites at Ryerson, so that is great for our dog Astro!

Astro Hiking

When looking to make a reservation, just make sure there is a dog picture in the amenities section.


Wifi and Cell Service

Forget it, there is none for Verizon at least. Nick was able to get some AT&T service on his Kindle, however, so there may be cell service on the AT&T side.

The park does not provide any Wi-Fi either. For us, that is fine and the normal camping experience, but we acknowledge others may need to stay connected for work or other reasons.

Water + Sewage

There are places to refill your RV water and sewage dump locations, just check in the Maps section above to find them.

Bathrooms and Showers

The bathrooms seem to be pretty new, and they are very nice with hot showers and flush toilets as mentioned earlier. Additionally, they have handicap parking spots.

Ryerson Bathroom

Things to do in Ryerson Station State Park


Hiking at Ryerson is a lot of fun, although, pretty challenging.

The park is located in a very hilly area, so most of the trails go up and downhills. Most of the trails are considered difficult, although there are some that are easy access from certain campsites.

Also, there about 13 miles of trails in total. To get some trail maps you can go here. We attempted the hollow trail and three mitten trail. The images are below.

Ryerson Hiking


Ryerson had a swimming pool previously, but while we were visiting it looks like they were rebuilding it. The image is below. This will likely be done by next summer (Summer 2021).

Future Pool


You can go snowmobiling here, although there isn’t much information on it. The image below shows the routes you can use a snowmobile on. The trails denoted with dots are multi-use, circled below.

The full map with the legend is available here.


There also is not much information for sledding. The state park website just states that several small hills are available for sledding.


While there are no mountain biking trails, the loop for the campsites is relatively level and decent for biking.

Things to do outside Ryerson Station State Park

WV Penitentiary (40 min drive)

We visited Moundsville, West Virginia one of the days we were camping. There is an old jail there with a burial mound across the street.

Since we were only staying the weekend, we didn’t have time to take the tour sadly.

Moundsville Jail

Groceries near Ryerson Station State Park

Remember, Ryerson may not have cell coverage depending on your provider. If you’re not bringing groceries with you and plan to pick them up after you get there, I recommend saving these directions first. Press the links below to navigate to the closest grocery stores to Ryerson.

Graysville Store (11 min drive)

This is a small grocery store with just the basics. If you’re looking for a bigger selection you’ll have to drive farther.

Carlisle’s Pioneer Grocery (22 min drive)

This is also a pretty small grocery store, the big stores are really far away! this place is ultra secluded, bring groceries if you can.

Kroger (40 min drive)

For the full grocery selection you have to take 80 minutes out of your day round trip, not ideal but if you want secluded camping this is it.


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Ryerson Station State Park is a small park, in a hilly and very rural area. The campsites are large and can fit many tents, and the distance between sites is great.

The bathroom seems to be new with hot showers, and there is a place to buy firewood on the campsite.

The hiking and winter activities are great, although the hiking is a bit difficult due to the terrain. Overall, we would visit this one again.

If you’d like to read some other PA state park camping guides, click here.

Leave a comment below if you’ve visited Ryerson, and let us know your thoughts!

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