McConnells Mill State Park: 7 reasons why you should visit

McConnells Mill State Park is one of my favorite parks to visit, and I have been there many times for day trips. My husband and I love going there just to hike around the cool rock formations and to take pictures.

There are multiple areas of the park, that allow for rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting, and fishing. Also, you can get a tour of the original mill.

Here are a couple reasons why you may want to plan a day trip for some outdoor adventure!

The Mill at McConnells Mill State Park

The Mill at McConnells Mill State Park

This park wouldn’t be called what it is without the mill. The mill is directly next to a waterfall and the covered bridge.

There is a parking area for a few cars and a handicap spot, although the park gets very busy on weekends. So, you may need to walk down from another parking area if possible.

You are able to go inside from 10:30 AM to 3:30PM to view the mill between memorial day and late into September. Also, tours are given at 1:00PM and 2:00PM.

Cool Rocks (and Rock Climbing)

Hiking at McConnells Mill State Park

The valley has tons (literally) of large boulders that make this park really unique. At least on the western side of the state (where I live), there aren’t many places that you can go rock climbing.

The boulders were left behind when glacial lakes receded thousands of years ago.

Even if you don’t like rock climbing, it is very scenic hiking and great picture opportunities.

Hiking at McConnells Mill State Park

Hiking at McConnells Mill State Park

McConnells Mill State Park is a great place for hiking. I’ve already mentioned the cool rocks multiple times. Additionally, there is a river and you get some really cool scenery.

The trials are well maintained, although beware of roots and rocks. There are multiple places that you can hike down from the main trail to get some pictures of the river, although be careful as the rocks can be slippery.

This is not a river you want to swim in, as there are rapids (we will revisit this).

Covered Bridge

The bridge at McConnells Mill State Park

If you grew up near this park like I did, you might have seen many senior photos or wedding photos taken near or in the covered bridge.

You can drive through it and it is stable, although there are usually a lot of people around this section as it is right beside the old mill.

Also, the bridge does make for some good pictures!

Whitewater Boating


The river running through McConnells Mill State Park has some rapids, so you are actually able to go whitewater boating here.

That being said, you cannot swim in the river. For more information on whitewater boating here, check out this link.

Fishing at McConnells Mill State Park


You can fish anywhere in the Slippery Rock Creek except for areas close to the dam. Also, you can catch trout and bass, and trout are occassionally stocked through the season.



McConnells Mill State Park has a great picnicking and pavilion area that is only a short walk down to the mill and trails.

If you’re celebrating a birthday or have a gathering or any other reason, this is a great place to go.



If you’re looking to visit McConnells Mill State Park, even for a day trip, it is worth it! The park is pretty small, however it has a couple of attractions in the mill, the bridge, fishing, and the hiking trails with cool rock formations.

Additionally, you can go rock climbing or whitewater boating, which are both pretty unique for a state park.

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Let us know in the comments below if I missed anything you love at McConnell’s Mill!


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