The 20 Best Pop Up Camping Tents Available in 2020

Pop Up Camping Tent

What is a pop up camping tent?

Pop up camping tents can be either an almost instant setup and you don’t have to deal with tent rods. On the other hand, some are mostly pop up style but with just a few additional rods.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through to make a purchase, I earn a commission.

Why get a pop up camping tent?

Pop up tents are extremely popular these days. The setup and then deconstruction of a tent and campsite is sometimes annoying, that’s where the pop up tent comes in.

That being said, the main reason to get a pop up tent for camping, is just that it makes setup easy so you can enjoy that campfire faster.

Arriving to your campground later in the evening, as most leave to camp after work, means you might be setting up in the dark. Pop up tents will make it easier since there are less pieces overall to deal with in the dark.

If you’re new to camping, which you might be since you’re looking up tents, the following list of 20 pop up tents should be enough to get you started.

We went through each of these items on amazon, all of which are top rated and have thousands of ratings, and found all of the pros and cons to each option. These tents are also diverse as far as size and price, so you should find something that will fit your situation perfectly.

Pop Up Tent Review

Let’s get right into the tent options.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you go through to make a purchase, I earn a commission.

Coleman Sundome Tent

From a brand synonymously linked with outdoor recreation, Coleman’s Sundome Tent provides spacious comfort and great ventilation for a peaceful outdoor stay.

Available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 person sizes, you’ll be sure to find one that fits the whole family. Color options include green and navy/grey.

With a unique weatherproof design and strong frame construction, the Sundome Tent is guaranteed to withstand rainstorms with winds up to 35 miles per hour. With an easy, 10-minute setup time and interior E-ports to stay connected while outdoors, this tent was constructed with your comfort in mind.


  • Weatherproof Design
  • Enhanced Ventilation From Top To Bottom
  • Strong Frame Withstands 35+ MPH Winds
  • Interior E-Ports


  • No Standing Room
  • Mesh Sides Only Coverable By The Rainfly

Coleman Instant Cabin

The Coleman Instant Cabin is all about making setup a breeze. This pop up tent literally sets up in 60 seconds.

Available in 4, 6, and 10-person sizes, the weatherproof Instant Cabin is constructed with double-thick fabric to ensure you’re safe from the outdoor elements.

This tent has welded corners, inverted seams, and a six-foot center height. Meaning that this tent offers quality stability and comfort in even the harshest of weather conditions. The Instant Cabin 10-person tent comes with added Dark Room technology that blocks 90 percent of the sunlight. This will keep your tent nice and cool on those hot summer nights.


  • One Minute Setup Time
  • Double-Thick Fabric Is Built To Last
  • Weather Tec Water-Resistant Technology


  • Bulky Carrying Bag
  • Dark Room Technology Only Available In 10-Person Size
  • Requires At Least Two People To Setup

Coleman Elite Montana Tent

Another product of the dependable Coleman brand, the Elite Montana pop up tent provides a 16-foot by 7-foot interior.

This safely allows for a sleeping space of eight people and much-needed headroom for moving around in the tent.

This Elite version comes with built-in LED lighting that has three convenient settings of nightlight, low, and high.

The Elite Montana is available in three vibrant colors of green, blue, and black. With a 15 minute set up time, this tent is fairly easy to take anywhere. It also offers an extended door awning so people can store their gear safely out of the elements overnight.


  • Lighted Interior
  • Extended Door Awning
  • Weather Tec Waterproofing System
  • 7-Foot Interior Height


  • Requires Regular Charging Or D Battery Replacement For Lights
  • Only Offered In 8-Person Version

2-Person Dome Tent by Wakeman Outdoors

The 2-Person Dome crafted by Wakeman Outdoors offers a lightweight, compact, and fairly inexpensive pop up tent for camping, hiking, outdoor festivals, and even your own backyard adventure.

Constructed with lightweight nylon material and weighing 2.75 lbs, this tent is easy to carry to any location.

This tent is available in a variety of colors, including blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, and red. With an interior height of 3.5 feet and width measurements of 6.25 feet by 4.8 feet, this compact tent was specifically designed to provide convenient sleeping quarters for any adventure.


  • Extremely Lightweight And Portable
  • Constructed With Durable And Waterproof Nylon
  • Available In 6 Different Colors


  • Only Recommended For Warm Weather Seasons
  • No Inside Standing Room
  • Small Rainfly

Coleman Evanston Tent With Screened-In Porch

The Evanston Pop Up Tent provides a level of luxury and a roomy interior that you just don’t find with many other tents. Made with tough polyester material, this tent utilizes the Coleman Weather Tec technology to ensure a weatherproof stay for you and your family.

The Evanston offers a screened-in front porch that will provide some bug-free lounging for even the buggiest nights on the lake. A 5-foot 8-inch center height allows for comfortable standing room inside. This tent is available in both 6 and 8 person sizes, both coming in a bright green color. It boasts a strongly engineered frame to withstand against the toughest of winds.


  • Wind-Strong Frame
  • Weather Tec Waterproofing
  • Screen-In Front Porch


  • Only Available In Bigger Sizes
  • Only Available In One Color
  • Takes Multiple People To Set Up

Red Canyon Camping Tent

Coleman’s Red Canyon Tent is the perfect blend of comfortable sleeping with a hint of privacy.

This 8-Person tent is spacious inside and offers temporary dividers so that you can create three separate rooms.

Coleman’s renoun Weather Tec System ensures campers will stay dry in the harshest of weather conditions. Also, it is available in two popular colors of blue and black, the Red Canyon Series has a six-foot ceiling.


  • Removable Privacy Dividers
  • Six-Foot Center Ceiling
  • Weather Tec System


  • Permanent Side Mesh Vents That Can’t Be Closed
  • Larger Tent To Transport

Coleman Instant Family Tent

When an easy tent set up is in your plans, the Coleman Instant Family Tent is a must. This 8-person pop up camping tent sets up in one minute.

With the Coleman Weather Tec System for waterproofing and welded floors with inverted seams, you’ll be sure to stay dry no matter how hard it rains.

This tent comes with large screened windows allowing for a great amount of ventilation and protects you from those overly buggy nights. Available in black, blue, and brown, the Instant Family Tent comes with temporary privacy dividers so that you can have multiple rooms.


  • Setup In 60 Seconds
  • Temporary Privacy Dividers
  • Large Screened Windows


  • Bulky To Carry
  • Permanently Connecting Telescope Poles Make Replacement Impossible

Coleman WeatherMaster

Manufactured by the popular brand Coleman, the WeatherMaster pop-up tent is available in both 6 and 10 person sizes.

Coming in a neutral tan and brown theme, this tent offers a screened room for bug-free lounging.

With a 6-foot 8-inch center, the WeatherMaster provides adequate inside standing capability. Its hinged door and angled windows offers refreshing air circulation even during storms. With a spacious interior and large storage pockets, this tent was specifically designed for luxury tenting.


  • Screened In Lounging Room
  • Angled Windows Allow For Air Circulation During Rain
  • 6-Foot 8-Inch Ceiling Height


  • 20-Minute Average Setup Time
  • Only Available In One Color

Core 9-Person Instant Cabin

When it comes to the convenience of a quick setup and spacious interior, CORE’s Instant Cabin Tent meets the demand. This 9-person tent can be easily set up in 60 seconds and features privacy room dividers and wall storage pockets.

Available in green and red, this tent offers a 6.5-foot height, so you can easily maneuver indoors. Core’s Instant Cabin is water-repellent and offers an electrical cord access port for your convenience.


  • 60 Second Setup Time
  • 6.5-Foot Ceiling Height
  • Privacy Room Dividers
  • Electrical Cord Access Port


  • Bulky Carrying Bag
  • Requires Two People To Setup

ABCO Sport Pop Up Tent

ABCO Sport’s Pop Up Tent allows you to camp anywhere and anytime.

This auto-setup tent is lightweight and efficiently compacted for easy carrying into any location.

With a breathable design, you can enjoy the fresh mountain or beach air.

Accommodating up to two people, the Pop Up Tent by ABCO Sport offers a double-layered door for extra security. With removable solid nylon flaps, you can have privacy whenever you so desire. Also, this heavy-duty construction prevents unwanted rips and tears to ensure your tenting needs are met for years to come.


  • Lightweight For Convenient Carrying
  • Auto Setup Technology
  • Double Doors For Easy Exiting On Either Side


  • Only Available In One Color
  • Can Be Difficult To Fold Back Up

Wenzel Klondike Tent

Wenzel’s 8-person Klondike Tent offers a convertible screen room with an inverted T-style door for bug-free lounging and sleeping.

Available in blue and green, Klondike comes with three zippered side windows and mesh roof vents that allow for adequate air circulation in any tenting environment.

This pop up camping tent features Weather Armor technology constructed with polyester fabric to keep your family safe from the rain and harmful wind. With shock-corded fiberglass roof framing and steel upright supports, the Klondike has superior stability. Finally, this tent has easily accessible pockets, hi-low ventilation, and a spacious interior.


  • Screened-In Second Room
  • Hi-Low Ventilation
  • Weather Armor Protection


  • Must Use Three Zippers To Close Front Door
  • 8-Person Capacity Includes 3 People Sleeping In The Screened-In Porch Area

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering has made tent setup easier than ever before with their free-standing, two-pole design. The Lynx 1-Person Tent is both water and UV resistant.

It’s currently available in three different color options, including blue/green, clay/rust, and gray/navy.

Weighing in at just over four pounds, this lightweight pop up camping tent provides great ventilation for a comfortable night sleep. Also, The Lynx has a vestibule for waterproof gear storage along with a mesh gear loft for overhead storage. With factory-sealed seams and large, durable zippers, this one-person tent is not only convenient but long-lasting.


  • Enlared Zippers For Easy Use
  • Simple Two Pole Design Setup
  • UV And Waterproof
  • Lightweight And Portable


  • Small Base (2’8 x 7’6)
  • Must Be Staked Down To Remain Sturdy

Campros Hikergarden Tent

The Hikergarden 8-Person Tent manufactured by Campros has a waterproof and windproof design that ensures comfortable tenting in any weather conditions.

With a quick two-person five-minute setup and curtain divider, your party can have private sleeping quarters quickly.

This tent is made from polyester covered with a 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic coating. It’s 8.26-inch by 24.6-inch carrying bag provides for convenient transportation to anywhere nature takes you. The Hikergarden is available in blue, green, and red.


  • 5-Minute Easy Setup
  • Wind And Waterproof
  • Privacy Curtain
  • Convenient Carrying Bag


  • Privacy Curtain Hangs Instead Of Zipping Shut
  • Setup Requires At Least Two People

Core 9-Person Extended Dome Tent

Core’s 9-Person Extended Dome Tent is a fairly affordable tent that offers a built-in electrical port and convenient overhead storage loft.

With a 16-foot by 9-foot base, this tent provides ample space for the whole family.

Available in red and orange, this 9-person tent has a center height of 6 feet. It’s water-repellant and includes an adjustable venting system, so you’re always comfortable regards of the temperature.


  • Water-Repellant
  • Built-In Electrical Port
  • Adjustable Venting System


  • Limited Color Availability
  • Not Intended For Harsh, Wet Weather

Zomake Instant Pop Up Tent

The Zomake Instant Tent sleeps three to four people and is available in both green and blue.

Intended for clear weather camping, this is a lightweight solution for comfortable, bug-free sleeping while outdoors.

Constructed with anti-UV polyester fabric and moistureproof flooring, the Zomake Instant Tent provides comfort at an affordable price. Setup and teardown is a breeze for one person to do. The Zomake carrying bag is a circular enclosure that is 31 inches tall, making it super convenient to carry into any location.


  • Quick One-Person Setup And Teardown
  • Lightweight And Manageable Carrying Case
  • UV-Protective Coating


  • Only Intended For Clear Weather Camping
  • Doesn’t Withstand Heavy Winds

Coleman Pop Up Tent 2P

Made with water and fire-resistant polyester, this lightweight camping tent takes about 10 seconds to assemble.

Only available in green, the Coleman 2P has a multi-position rainfly that offers protection and ventilation for any situation.

With taped floor seams and zipper cuffs, you’ll never have to worry about moisture problems. As with all Coleman products, the 2P is engineered with a wind-responsive frame that ensures stability through the toughest of wind gusts.


  • 10-Second Setup
  • Lightweight Design Makes It Very Portable
  • Fire And Water-Resistant


  • Only Available In One Color
  • Pre-Assembled Poles Make Replacement Impossible

QOMOTOP Instant Cabin Tent

The QOMOTOP Instant Cabin Tent provides a convenient 60-second setup with an advanced venting design to ensure comfortable sleeping in all environments.

Available in 4, 6, 8, and 10-person designs, this Instant Cabin Tent is water-resistant.

With one available color of blue, this pop up tent has a 76-inch interior height, making it perfect for indoor manuverability. This tent includes an electrical cord port and gate mat so that you can have all the necessary comforts of home when you’re in the outdoors.


  • 60-Second Setup
  • Available In Four Different Sizes
  • 76-Inch Interior Height
  • Advanced Venting Design


  • Only Available In Blue
  • No Privacy Dividers For Larger Sizes

Stansport Scout

The Stansport Scout is a 2-person camping tent with A-frame technology.

It’s rugged polyethylene floor and polyurethane-coated upper nylon allows for three-season camping availability.

The Scout is constructed with a mesh door screen that allows for adequate ventilation and abundant visibility.

The Scout is currently offered in fluorescent orange and green. With 29 square feet of floor space and weighing in at just 3.8 pounds, this is the perfect 2-man tent to take through the most rugged conditions. With a convenient backpack storage option, this tent is easily portable for your next adventure.


  • Backpack Carrying Capability
  • Three-Season Camping
  • Classic A-Frame Design


  • Minimal Indoor Space
  • Not Rated For Winter Conditions

Coleman Hooligan

Constructed with polyester, this lightweight pop up camping tent is perfect for those who love a good backpacking trip.

Also, with an 8 by 7-foot interior and covered vestibule, the Hooligan provides adequate space for any adventure. Additionally, with snag-free continuous pole sleeves, the Hooligan sets up in 10 short minutes.

Available in gold, red, and orange, the Hooligan has Coleman’s well-known Weather Tec System to ensure your camping trip is always dry. This tent is constructed with a full mesh interior to allow for better airflow for a comfortable night’s sleep. The Hooligan is available in 2, 3, and 4-person sizes.


  • Available In Multiple Sizes And Colors
  • 10-Minute Setup Time
  • Weather Tec System For A Dry Interior


  • No Floor For Vestibule Area
  • Only Four Feet Tall So You Must Crawl To Get In It

Coleman Tenaya Pop Up Tent Lake Cabin Tent

The Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent by Coleman offers fast pitch setup and a built-in closet for luxury in the great outdoors.

Additionally, the built-in closet comes complete with shelves and a hanger bar so you can stay organized throughout your entire trip. This tent also offers an E-Port so that you can easily bring electrical power inside of your tent.

Its fast pitch technology offers a 9-minute setup time. Designed to spaciously hold eight people, the Tanaya Lake Cabin Tent has Coleman’s Weather Tec System and patented welded floors with inverted seams to keep your party dry also.


  • Fast Pitch 9-Minute Setup
  • Built-In Closet Organizer
  • Privacy Room Divider


  • Only Available In One Color (Blue)
  • Bulky Carrying Bag


There are a lot of different pop up camping tents out there, and they make camping very easy! We personally use the Coleman Weathermaster listed above.

The Coleman Weathermaster has worked great for us for years, with no leaks or tears. We also bring our dog, Astro with us every time we go camping, so it can stand up to the wear and tear of a dogs nails.

To get more camping gear lists, check out our outdoors category.

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