The Best 10 Person Tents Available in 2020

10 Person Tents

Why go camping in a 10 person tent?

Many people enjoy camping to get away from their busy lives, and a 10 person tent is great for larger families. It’s a great way to enjoy nature’s beauty. Additionally, it’s a fun way to spend quality time with friends and family members. Also, camping is becoming more popular for groups.

With plenty of exciting destinations and camping gear designed for all weather conditions, the possibilities are endless today. Also, you can camp locally, in another state or even in another country. For group trips, these are some of the top-rated choices if you’re looking for the best 10 person tent.

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Wenzel Great Basin

This Wenzel tent measures 18′ by 10′ and is about 72″ high in the center. It has enough space to fit two queen air mattresses comfortably. Additionally, there are plenty of pockets and storage spaces to fit every occupant’s keys, phones, or other small belongings.

Furthermore, there’s a gear storage area at the top. Its flaps are reflective and help illuminate the entire tent when you hang a lantern or flashlight up there. In comparison with some tents of similar size, this one is lighter at just under 27 pounds.


  • It has shock-corded poles and is easy to set up.
  • The tent has mesh windows and a good ventilation design.
  • It divides into two or three rooms.


  • There’s only one door.
  • The tent doesn’t have a tub floor.

Core Straight-Wall Cabin

I appreciate this Core tent’s versatility and efficiency. At 14′ by 10′ in length, it’s a little smaller than competing tents. However, it also packs into a convenient case that’s 28.5″ long. Its height is 86″ in the center.

Since this tent has a straight-walled design, it’s much easier to maximize the interior space and move freely. Also, it has a room divider to make it simpler to camp with friends or family. It comfortably accommodates up to 10 sleeping bags or two queen air mattresses.


  • There are two entry doors.
  • The top has a gear loft, and there’s ample storage.
  • There’s an access point for an electrical cord.
  • The tent has thermal heat-sealed seams.


  • At just over 35 pounds, this tent is one of the heavier choices on the market.
  • Unlike some other large tents, this one doesn’t have three rooms.
  • The setup process isn’t as quick as it is with some competing tents.

Ozark Trail XL Family Tent

If you’re looking for a family tent that has mostly five-star ratings, this Ozark tent is designed well. Unlike some tents on the market that only have the capacity for two queen air mattresses, this one can hold three. Also, it optionally divides into three rooms.

At 20′ by 10′ in size, there’s also plenty of room to move freely. The height is 78″ in the center, and the tent weighs 27.6 pounds when it’s fully packed. In addition to the four mesh pockets for storing small items, there are four mesh windows to allow plenty of ventilation.


  • Its waterproof durability is good for at least three seasons.
  • There’s an attached mud mat.
  • The tent has an electrical cord access point.


  • Although it’s durable, it’s not as resilient as some competing tents.
  • Setup can be difficult.
  • The setup instructions may seem confusing.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent

I appreciate this Coleman cabin tent for its higher-end features at an affordable price. It may be the best 10 person tent among the smaller options on the market if that’s what you want. It has a 17′ by 9′ floorspace and is 76″ high.

Like other leading products, this tent fits three queen air mattresses. Additionally, it has a hinged door and a zippered door. It’s a little heavier at 31 pounds, and it measures 30″ long when it’s completely packed.

Additionally, this is actually the tent Nick and I own. We have used it for a few years now, about 5 to be exact, and it has been great!


  • The setup process is fast and easy.
  • There’s a WeatherTec system.
  • The tent has a durable rainfly, zippered cuffs and a waterproof floor.


  • The WeatherTec system isn’t always reliable during a heavy downpour.
  • Setup can be harder in inclement weather.
  • The tent doesn’t have as much headroom as some competing tents.

Tahoe Gear Olympia

I recommend this Tahoe Gear tent as a good multi-season option if easy setup is your top priority. There’s a pin-and-ring system, and the shock-corded poles add to the benefits. The tent is supposed to last three seasons, and most other reviewers agree that it does.

The tent has a floor space of 18′ by 10.5′ and is 84″ high. In addition to the generous headroom, it can accommodate two queen mattresses. It has a waterproof floor and rainfly with taped seals, and it has ample mesh ventilation to promote better airflow.


  • There are ground vents both on the ceiling and along the floor.
  • At 23 pounds, this is one of the lighter tents for its size on the market.
  • There’s an electrical cord access point.


  • The fiberglass frame makes it more susceptible to wind damage.
  • There’s no room divider.
  • The tent only has a single entry door.

Columbia Mammoth Creek

When spaciousness is a high priority, this Columbia tent may be the best 10 person tent to choose. With straight walls, it allows easy movement. Also, it features 14′ by 10′ in floor space and a ceiling that’s 78″ high.

Like most competing tents, this one can fit two queen air mattresses with space to spare. The packing weight of the tent is approximately 22 pounds, which makes it an easier one to transport if you need to carry it a short distance to your campsite.


  • There are pull-out windows.
  • The window mesh is designed to maximize privacy.
  • There are adjustable vents.
  • The tent’s waterproof material dries three to five times faster than most other tent materials.


  • The setup process isn’t fast.
  • Setup instructions may be hard to follow.
  • The floor space isn’t as generous as some competing tents.

QOMOTOP Instant Cabin

As most reviewers agree, it’s possible to set up this QOMOTOP tent in about 60 seconds. With a 14′ by 10′ floorspace, this tent is about average for roominess. Furthermore, it’s 76″ high to allow plenty of headroom. Like competing tents, it also accommodates two queen air mattresses.

At a weight of 29.5 pounds when packed, it’s a mid-range choice for portability. Additionally, there are windows on three sides of the tent, which are also designed to promote better ventilation. With the floor vents, cross-ventilation is a breeze.


  • There are a gear loft and side pockets for storage.
  • The tent has a removable divider and double front doors.
  • There are a PE tub floor and a rainfly for extra weatherproofing.


  • The rainfly only offers partial coverage.
  • In comparison with competing tents, this one’s fabric isn’t as durable.
  • The tent’s floor isn’t reinforced well.

Magellan Outdoors Grand Ponderosa

For a lower-budget choice that offers plenty of features and a fast setup process, this Magellan tent may be the best 10 person tent. It has 10′ by 14′ of floor space and has a ceiling that’s 80″ high. Additionally, one feature that people especially like about this tent is the lighted gear loft.

The tent can hold two queen air mattresses, and it has ample side pockets for quick-access storage. There’s also a tablet holder and an electrical cord access point. Its support system consists of both steel and fiberglass for better stability.


  • There’s a convenient division panel to create two rooms.
  • With a mesh top and two low side vents, air circulation is good.
  • The tent has a D-style large door and six windows.


  • With its fiberglass components, the tent is not ideal for camping in strong winds.
  • The fabric isn’t as resilient to moisture as the materials on some competing products.
  • The tent may only last for three seasons in some conditions.

Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin

I appreciate this Ozark Trail tent for its ability to stay cool. It may also be the best 10 person tent for adjustable lighting. Both of these benefits are part of the tent’s unique “Dark Rest” design.

Like most tents for 10 people, it has 14′ by 10′ of floor space and a 78″ center height. Furthermore, it easily fits two queen air mattresses with space to spare.

This tent is better for windier conditions since it doesn’t have a fiberglass frame. Its construction is steel. Also, the poles are attached to the shell for a simpler setup.


  • The setup process only takes a few minutes.
  • The tent has an electrical cord access point.
  • There’s an optional divider to create two rooms.


  • This tent is more expensive because of the special darkening technology.
  • The darkening technology doesn’t completely block out sunlight.
  • Although the tent isn’t too heavy, the carrying bag may be hard to handle.

Coleman 10 Person Tent Dark Room

If you want a tent that’s easy to set up and is darker than most inside, this Coleman product is a wise choice. Like the QOMOTOP tent listed earlier, this product sets up in about 60 seconds. Its shell is attached to the poles.

With a 10′ by 14′ floor layout, it has average roominess. It also has a height of 81″ for extra headroom, and the walls are straight to allow easy movement inside. This tent is also helpful if you’re camping somewhere dark and remote because of its reflective lines for added visibility.


  • The front door is hinged.
  • Corner welds and inverted seams boost moisture protection.
  • The special design helps it stay cooler inside.


  • The tent’s water resistance is poorer in heavy downpours.
  • The design of the rainfly is not ideal.
  • Some buyers don’t receive a rainfly with a tent.

NTK Arizona GT

This NTK tent may be the best 10 person tent if you want something lighter and narrower. It has 17.4′ by 8′ of floor space and stands 74″ high. Additionally, it has no-see mesh to boost privacy while promoting good ventilation.

There’s plenty of storage space in the tent. Its seamless inner layer helps prevent moisture and resists fungal growth. It also has a bathtub-style construction for added moisture protection.


  • It has a divider to make two rooms.
  • The tent has good UV protection.
  • There are two large D-style doors.


  • Because of its fiberglass poles, it may not be as resilient to strong winds.
  • Setup can take a while.
  • The window flaps open from the outside.

Camp Valley Instant 10 Person Tent

Like most tents of its size, this Camp Valley tent has room for two queen air mattresses. It’s good for three seasons and has a design that channels a log cabin. Also, it has plenty of spacious windows for ventilation and stargazing.

There are two large doors and mesh ceilings. Additionally, the tent is divided into two separate rooms. It measures 14′ by 10′ and stands 80″ high.


  • Setup only takes a few minutes.
  • There’s a front awning attachment for shade.
  • The tent comes with a water-resistant rainfly and an extended mud mat.


  • The seams may be prone to tearing.
  • The flooring is not as reinforced as some competing tents.

Outbound Lightweight Popup

This Outbound product is the best 10 person tent if you’re looking for something that you can hike with for a longer distance. It only weighs 12 pounds when it’s packed.

The tent measures 14′ by 10′ and is 76″ high. It also has enough space for two queen air mattresses or 10 sleeping bags.


  • There are mesh ceiling panels and storage pockets.
  • The tent has two large D-style doors.
  • The tent includes guy lines.


  • Although the fiberglass frame makes it lighter, the tent is less durable in wind.
  • There’s no room divider.
  • It doesn’t offer as much water resistance as many competing tents.

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell

If you want something unique that lasts four seasons instead of three, this WHITEDUCK product is the best 10 person tent. It has a pitched ceiling that’s reinforced with a galvanized steel pole. Since it’s shell is 100% cotton, it’s highly breathable.

The circular tent is resistant to moisture, mildew, and UV rays. Also, it has a convenient bug mesh on the front and a large door.


  • Because of the stove jack material, you can use a wood stove in this tent.
  • The design is ideal for hunting trips and deep-woods camping.
  • The tent’s design makes it one of the top-rated options for rain protection.


  • Setup isn’t a fast process.
  • The tent costs more than most competing products.

UNP 10 Person Tent

If you want a longer and narrower tent for a low price, this UNP tent is a good choice. It measures 18′ by 9′ for floorspace and is 78″ high. Unlike some tents of this size, this one has room for three queen air mattresses.

The tent only weighs 23 pounds fully packed. Also, it’s durable enough to last four seasons instead of three.


  • Setup is fast.
  • The tent has ceiling mesh and vents.
  • There’s a divider to create two rooms.
  • With a J-hook design, there’s no need to thread poles during setup.


  • The seams are not as durable as some competing tents.
  • Since there are fiberglass poles, it may not be ideal for use in high winds.

That wraps up this review. If you’re looking for other tent options, you can check out my post on pop-up tents!

Leave a comment if you have any other tents you think would fit on this list!

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