7 Useful Camping Storage Ideas for Tent Camping

Camping Storage Ideas

The tent camping storage problem

One of the biggest concerns many tent campers have is storage, right? We are always struggling to make the best use of our tent space, and it’s always a challenge packing the car. Nowadays there are many new camping storage ideas!

Over the years, we have come up with some potential storage solutions for tent camping, so without any further ado, I’ll get right into some of them!

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Kitchen Chest

This one requires a little DIY unless you’re able to find a similar product or some big storage chest. Ours opens from the front for easy access and shelving, but there’s no reason you can’t do it with a trunk. Honestly, this is one of the best camping storage ideas I can offer.

My husband and his sister built this together over a weekend. We put all of our kitchen gear in this chest, plates, towels, silverware, etc. When we set up, we just place it on the picnic table at our campsite.

Items needed for cooking and an outdoor kitchen took up a lot of our space, so we decided to make a dedicated location for all of it.

Below is a great affordable option if you want to try it out! For some more camping food storage ideas, check out this post.

Compact Camp Chairs

Nick and I bought these compact camp chairs that fold up into a small bag. These are normally used for backpacking but if you need to save space they can replace the regular chairs that take up more room.

They are actually pretty comfortable, and ours have a pouch in front where you can put your drink. If you’re in need of some new camping storage ideas, this is a good one.


If you’re new to camping, make sure you bring a clothesline. You will need somewhere to dry your shower towels that isn’t in the tent. Trust me, when it’s hot outside the towel will make your tent smell.

This may not necessarily be a camping storage idea exactly, but I feel it relates as you need somewhere to put wet towels.

Vertical Tent Storage

If you have a sturdy tent with a good structure, you could buy some of the vertical storage (usually used for shoes). Vertical space in tents is largely ignored, so this is another good camping storage idea.

Just hang it from wherever is the most sturdy. You can place all kinds of things in here, such as bug spray, shoes (of course), card games, etc.

When you’re done, you can honestly just roll it up or just hang it somewhere in your basement and just keep all of your camping stuff in it.

Duffle Bags

Nick and I usually put all of our clothes and shower items in a duffle bag when we go camping.

Having separate compartments and lots of clothing storage is necessary for us as we like to go hiking, and sometimes it’s muddy! This means a frequent change of clothes.

Folding Tables

To maximize your outdoor space, I recommend bringing a folding table or two. This is less about storage and more about table space, but I feel that they go hand in hand.

Most campsites only offer a picnic table. When it’s just us two, that is about all we need. When we go camping with 5+ other people, it’s nice to have more meal prep space and seating space for games.

They’re generally cheapest at places like Walmart and Sams Club.

Hiking Backpack

Out of all camping storage ideas, the hiking backpack has everything else beat.

Obviously, hiking backpacks have a ton of space and compartments. If you normally pack light, this is a great option to try to bring all of your camping gear. Compact chairs, a compact tent, small cooking supplies, clothes, and more can all fit within a hiking backpack.

This is for the more extreme hikers and campers, but you can definitely fit everything you need in a hiking backpack if you really need to!

Can you think of more camping storage ideas?

Let me know below if you have any ideas or if you have been doing something else! I would love to hear some more ideas for when we go tent camping!

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