5 Best Camp Kitchens Available Now

Best Camp Kitchen

The camp kitchens are designed to give you more working space when you are cooking and having the best camping kitchens will ensure you have a stable platform. The tables can handle a lot of heat and they are specifically made to ensure that you can set up your food and cook your meals as comfortably as possible.

There are plenty of stands available and these can all be marketed as camping kitchens. However, we set out to find the best camp kitchens that will ensure you have plenty of space for preparing and even cooking your meals. The buyer’s guide should make it possible for you to see which features we deemed the most important.

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GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table
Weight 19-pounds 22.4-pounds 35.96-pounds
Materials Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum/PVC/Wood
Dimensions 52 x 20.9 x 32.3-inches 22.2 x 70.1 x 68.3-inches 69 x 19.5 x 43.5-inches
Price $$ $$$$ $$$$
Rating 5/5 5/5 4/5

Best Camp Kitchens On The Market Today

The features we used to select these products are pretty basic. However, it won’t do any harm for you just to look over them. If you don’t feel like reading it, we have selected a couple of the best products and these will make it possible for you to find the best camp kitchens to ensure you don’t waste your money on other knock-offs.

Top Pick: GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station

If you are looking for something basic and simplistic, the GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station is one of the best options that you can consider for camping. It features solid aluminum construction and the weight is only 19-pounds. All the tables are heat-resistant to ensure you don’t damage your cooking station.

The table is made from durable aluminum and once you are done, it will be folded to make it much easier to carry. One of the only downsides is the lack of a storage bag. However, we would have also loved to see space to hang your lantern. Overall, it is a great option to complement the camping gear you have.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Heat-resistant
  • Reliable


  • No lantern pole

Best High-End Camp Kitchens: GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen

While we try to diversify the brands we use as much as possible, we should also include the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen. It is slightly heavier than the previous one at 22.4-pounds, but it is also slightly larger. The unit is also made from durable aluminum that will make it lightweight and easy to move.

The collapsible sink is one of the best features as cleaning your cooking ear and utensils are always a hassle. Fortunately, you can use the sink to wash everything you need to. We would recommend it for the brand and durability. However, it is a little more expensive than some of the others you will see on the list.


  • Durable aluminum
  • Lightweight construction
  • Includes a collapsible sink
  • Lantern holder


  • Expensive

Best Lightweight Camping Kitchen: Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table

The Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table is one of the most useful options on the market today. It is constructed from PVC, which means that it is lightweight. However, it might not be as durable as some of the other steel options. Aluminum and wood have also been included to add some stability and make up for durability.

We like it because it has a solid setup. The setup is designed to give you comfort when you are cooking. It does not have accessories like the sink, but you have plenty of storage room. The windscreen can be useful to keep the wind at bay. However, it is also helpful to ensure better heat retention. It is also expensive, but worth it for serious campers.


  • Multiple different materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Great heat retention
  • Plenty of space


  • Expensive price

Best Basic Grill Stand: Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Grill Stand

If you don’t need all the intricate features, you might want to consider the basic camp kitchen. The Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Grill Stand is one of the basic options and it features a standard setup that will make it easy for you to set up. The overall weight is 17.26-pounds, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

Like many of the others, you don’t need any assembly. The unit will easily fold down when you are not using it. A solid windshield is great for keeping the heat retention. The unit should hold up to 35-pounds of weight. For the budget price, it is one of the best options for most beginners that have no experience using it.


  • Lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Holds 35-pounds
  • Affordable


  • Small and basic

Best Traditional Camp Kitchen: Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Coleman is one of the best brands for the outdoors. It should be no surprise that we have included the Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen. The unit is made from wood and aluminum, which gives you the versatility you might need. The aluminum is great for heat retention, but the wood is excellent for stability.

In terms of accessories, the unit does not come with plenty of accessories. However, it does feature utensil hooks and a lantern holder. Once you are done, it will fold into a compact case that should make it easy for you to carry and pack away once you are done. Unfortunately, it is a little more expensive than the basic options.


  • Great heat retention
  • Durable aluminum and wood
  • Reliable brand
  • Comes with basic accessories


  • It is a bit expensive

Key Features To Consider Before Buying The Best Camp Kitchens

Now that you have seen some of the very best camp kitchens, you might also wonder which features are the most important. We have identified a couple of important features that will stand out and give you the best value for your money. If you don’t like the options we selected, you should be able to use these features to select a different option.


One of the first things you will need to look at is the construction of the product. Most of these kitchens are made from aluminum. Aluminum has excellent properties when it comes to heat retention and it is lightweight. Additionally, many of these kitchens also feature wood and PVC. Wood offers some great stability to the user.


When we referring to setup, we are referring to whether the unit can be folded or not. In many cases, you might need to assemble and disassemble the unit once you are done. However, if the camp kitchen can be folded, it will remove the need to carry tools as well. When it can be folded, it will be much easier for you to transport.


Another important feature to keep in mind is the weight. If you are camping, the goal will be that you try to keep the weight down as low as possible. Most of these units are over 20-pounds. However, you don’t want to go much higher. These kitchens also need to be carried from one destination to the other and you need to keep the weight down.

Storage Area

The storage area is one of the most important things to keep in mind. There are plenty of smaller options, but having more space will make it possible for more people to start cooking. It is hard for us to determine what storage area will be enough. It will all come down to you and your cooking needs.


Whilst looking at the materials, we did mention that stability is important. Since you might not always have a stable ground surface, it is often better to have a wooden base that adds some weight. The weight that is added will make it much more stable.


Finally, you will need to look at the different accessories that are offered. These accessories include the lantern holder and even a collapsible sink. You must look at these and determine whether it has all the accessories, you might need.


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When looking for the best camp kitchens, there are plenty of different options to consider. While we have only selected five, these will offer you everything you need. The GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station is one of the very best when it comes to versatility and sticking with the minimalistic approach.

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