How To Camp Without A Tent: 7 Ideas To Try This Summer

how to camp without a tent

How To Camp Without A Tent

Getting outdoors and relaxing with just nature around you and birds chirping is one of the most relaxing feelings anyone can experience. However, tents and camping gear can be very expensive, which is why some people prefer camping without a tent. We have found many questions of people asking how to camp without a tent.

This article aims to address these questions and help you figure out different ways that you can go about camping if you don’t have a tent. Understanding how to camp without a tent can make your life so much easier and allow you to save, but you will have to try different avenues to ensure you are still comfortable.

how to camp without a tent

How To Camp Without A Tent – 7 Best Alternative Solutions

The tent is generally one of the first things that you look for when you set up your camping gear. However, there are a couple of methods and tricks that you can use to camp without a tent if you don’t want to invest. Here are some of the best alternatives that you can use for camping without a tent:

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Renting A Cabin

Skill Level Recommended: Beginners

The most common alternative is probably sleeping in a cabin. While not every campsite has these cabins, those that do will ensure that you have the means to camp without using your tent. A cabin is a fixed fixture that includes a bathroom and numerous sleeping quarters for the most part. However, you still need your own cooking gear.

If you choose the cabin route, you might find that it is a little more expensive than staying in your tent. However, you will have a solid structure that is impervious to weather and you don’t run the risk of any damage to your living quarters. If you are not sure if you like camping, choosing a cabin is the first alternative.

Camping In An RV

Skill Level Recommended: Beginners

In the United States, the RV is one of the most sought-after vehicles for those that love the road. It is much more comfortable than your standard car and you use it as a mobile home. RVs are expensive and they require plenty of maintenance due to batteries that are required and certain gear items you will need when camping.

However, the RV does not need to be pitched or broken down and you can find plenty of camping gear that is compatible with your RV. Shades and a rainfly can be used to create a small patio. The benefit of the RV is that everything is powered from the unit and you don’t need to carry plenty of gear. The RV option is often recommended for those who like to spend a lot of time on the road.

Camping In Your Car/Truck

Recommended Skill Level: Beginners

The next option you will need to consider is camping in your vehicle. Camping in cars is not for everyone and it often depends on the model you drive. For small camping trips, you can sleep on the back seat. However, this might not always be comfortable, especially when doing it for prolonged stints as it gets uncomfortable.

However, large trucks with a canopy at the back can often be very helpful. You will simply need a mattress. The OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Car Air Mattress is one of the best options for you to consider and it can fit almost any truck. You might also want to use your SUV and simply add a mattress to the back once you have folded the seats into a flat position.

Camping Under A Tarp

Recommended Skill Level: Advanced

While camping under a tarp is not the most comfortable way to go, it is by far one of the lightest ways. Instead of having to carry your tent, you will simply need to create a structure and set up your tarp. You can create the structure at home, but it defeats the purpose and will work the same as a tent. For this method, you need some survival skills to craft a structure.

The downside to camping with a tarp is the limited coverage and protection that you will have. Unfortunately, the tarp does not have advanced features like doors and mesh windows to keep you protected. It is a great option for backpackers, but not sustainable for campers. The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Tarp is one of the most useful options available and you can find it in a variety of sizes.

Camping In A Hammock

Recommended Skill Level: Advanced

The hammock is not only designed to be used in the comfort of your home or yard. It is one of the most versatile pieces of gear that can help you have some fun in the sun. However, you need to be skilled at finding the right location. Additionally, you will also need some craftsman skills to help you set it up so it does not break down.

The hammock is one of the best tools that will keep you elevated off the floor and the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock is another one of the best options that will help you. It is extremely durable and once you figure out how to set it up, you should have a durable setup that will ensure you have the comfort you need.

Camping Under The Stars

Recommended Skill Level: Advanced

One of the other options is the camp under the stars and to just have your sleeping bag with you. If you are in a safe environment, it might be one of the camping options. You will have a breath of fresh air and you should be able to enjoy the night sky. However, it can be dangerous if you are in an environment with predators.

To do this, you will have to be armed in some way or another to ensure you remain safe. It is also not recommended for beginners.

Building Your Own Shelter

If you have watched any of these survival programs on television, you might have seen that these individuals are experts at crafting their own shelters. It is not for everyone and you should not attempt this if you don’t have any skills. Additionally, it is often best that you have a partner with you to assist in creating a shelter.

Keep in mind that the first shelter you build might not be the best and it should take some time for you to eventually figure out how to build the perfect shelter. You can choose this Survival Kit First Aid Kit, which features first aid and survival tools to help you get started.


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Camping without a tent can be fun if you are set up the right way and you have everything you need. However, it can also go horribly wrong for those that are not prepared. We hope this guide has given you some alternatives to consider. We would also love to see some of your comments on other methods you have used.


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