How To Make A Trail In The Woods: 7 Helpful Steps

how to make a trail in the woods

Hiking is fun and if you ever have been to a trail, you might only be interested in how far the trail goes and what you can do. However, if you have ever sat back and wondered how to make a trail, you should be interested in this article. It takes lots of planning to create a trail for hiking or mountain biking and to make it comfortable.

There are plenty of trails in most areas of the United States and if you feel like hiking, you can simply type in trails on the internet and you should find one that is close to you. However, if you live on a ranch or big open field, you might have been wondering how to make a trail and this article aims to help you find out how.

how to make a trail in the woods

How To Make A Trail In Simple Steps

If you ever want to create your trail, you must follow the chronological steps that we provide. We have created them in order from where you should start to how you will eventually build the trail. You should be able to use this guide to efficiently create your very own oasis for hiking wherever you are:

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Finding The Right Tools

Depending on the location and the vegetation, the tools you will need for the hiking trail might vary. A saw is one of the most important tools and you will commonly use it to get through trees and other rough patches. An ax also tends to be helpful to break through the vegetation that you are dealing with and open up the trail.

Finally, you might need a shovel to create the train path, which might often be hard. You would need some loose sand to help cover the trail path and make it easily accessible. When working in the backcountry, having a set of gloves will ensure you can use these tools without the fear of them slipping from your hands.

Trail Planning

The second step is the planning process and this is where you will need to seek out a route that is deemed efficient. Keep in mind that you want some attractions along the route. For instance, if you have a watering hole near you and animals tend to enjoy refreshing at the area, it is advisable to create the route in such a way that people can see the water hole.

If there are dangers, you would want people to avoid these and this means taking the trail around certain areas. You can hike the potential trail and place flags along it to help you remember the direction and where the bends should be. This will make it much easier for you to keep the route of the trail in your mind.

how to make a trail in the woods

Start Clearing The Vegetation

Once you have planned the route, you have to get through the thick vegetation. The vegetation might be thick and you might have to wade through a few trees and plants. Since it can be hard to get through these, the tools we mentioned will come in handy. However, many larger ranches will have tractors that clear the terrain.

While a trail should not be easy and feel like a walk in the park, people should not have to struggle to make it from one side to the other. If you have water crossings on the trail, it could be a great scenic attraction and will also increase the difficulty of the trail. Always keep the trail at an entry-level of intermediate difficulty for your first one.

Removing Roots From The Walkway

Once you have started clearing the walkway, you will notice that the roots of grass and trees are still found. The roots can pose a big danger and should you get your foot tangled in one of them, it could lead to some serious injury. You must remove them to ensure that no one trips and gets seriously injured.

To remove the roots, you will need to use a shovel. The shovel can help you identify some of these roots and you will need to dig around them. The Banores Survival Shovel Axe Kit is still one of the best available options. It should make it much easier for you to cut through the roots and slowly start removing them.

Installing Directions

You don’t want people to get lost. Unless you have an expert or guide that will guide people through the trail, you need to make sure that people do not get lost. The best way to ensure this is to set up some directions along the trail. These can be placed on trees, or you can simply set up market boards that will give people an indication.

As part of another tip, you must give people some idea of what to come for the next section of the trail. Everyone wants to be prepared and a distance indicator also lets them know how far they have completed the trail.

Adding Accessories

While it can be hard to add decent accessories to a trail, you can always add some campsites. If you want to have camping as part of the trail journey and make it more backpacker accessible, you should add some decent accessories and make the facilities inviting for potential guests that may arrive.

Water points can be helpful when you are looking to add some decent accessories. This can serve as a stopping point for people to refill their water bottles and allow them to refresh. It is not an essential accessory if you have a small trail. However, it might be very handy for some of the longer and more demanding trails.

Have Some Fun

The most important thing you can do is have some fun and encourage people to have some fun. People will love trails if they can have fun and they will be more inclined to come back if this is the case. Before you let anyone use the trail, you must try it out for yourself. And find out if you enjoy it and where you can make improvements.

We should also mention that maintenance is an important part of a trail. You have to put in the time and effort to keep it in the best possible condition to ensure that the it is functional.


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If you have trails near you and you like hiking, you are much better off selecting one of these trails to help you hike. Creating your trail can be a daunting experience, not to mention the costs associated with it. If you like hiking, it is important to know how to make a trail. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever made a trail.


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