What Is A Pup Tent? 4 Best Uses Of Pup Tents Today

what is a pup tent

The pup tent or shelter-half as many people call them is a smaller tent that you often add to your main unit. Many beginners have been asking what is a pup tent and the answer is simple. These tents are designed in a halve-wedge shape and they can be used for a temporary shelter for 1-2 people, storage, or a place for pets when camping.

The pup tent can be an effective tool to add to your camping gear and it generally features enough internal space for storage. The pup tent should suffice and create a warm shelter. In this article, we will look at the pup tent and help you understand what is a pup tent.

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What Is A Pup Tent

As we have mentioned, the pup tent is one of the smaller tent designs on the market today. They are often no bigger than 3.5-feet off the ground and they feature a decent interior. Combining it with some floor protection, these tents will offer plenty of structural support and protection for all your personal belongings.

Setting up these tents is very easy and all you will need is to follow the basic instructions. However, there are some downsides. Since many of these tents are cheap, they don’t have the same durability that many of the others have. The lack of durability will mean that you cannot rely on them for adverse conditions.

However, their portability makes them effective for getting the job done and you will notice that these tents work well when you need additional storage space. Many people also use these tents and they can often hold one person. This means that avid backpackers might also find some use for these tents when they are camping.

Top Uses Of The Pup Tent

Now that you have a better understanding of what these tents are, we have to look at some of the possible uses. There are plenty of tents on the market today and the pup tent has a lot of versatility that could make your life easier. Here are some of the most common uses that we have seen for the pup tent among campers.

The Army Used Them First

One of the first uses of these small tents was for the army. The small and portable design made them one of the top staples to be used during the Second World War. The portability is one of the main reasons that they were used and they can be set up in just a couple of seconds no matter where you are located.

Each soldier would carry one of the poles to reduce the weight. Once they reach the desired location, it should be easy for them to set it up. Yes, these tents were often used to house two individuals in the most simplistic of ways. Occasionally, these tents would be combined to create something more complex and larger for them to stay in.

Storage Space

We have placed plenty of emphasis on the storage space that these tents provide. Due to the storage space they have on offer, you should find that they can offer you shelter for some of your important gear items. Many avid campers take them along to hold some of the gear that does not fit inside the tent.

However, you have to make sure about pricing before you bring them to a campsite. We have come across many campsites that often charge you per tent. However, many campsites also do not charge you anything when it comes to setting up your tent and this should make it much easier to have additional storage.

Carrying Pets With Your Pup Tent

We often have that one pet that we want to take along on our camping trips and while it is not always easy to have your pet with you, you can use the pup tent to make it much easier. These tents are designed to house smaller objects or even people and if you don’t have any smaller objects, your pet should do just fine.

Once again, it all comes down to the campsite and you have to consider looking at the campsite to ensure that you are allowed to take along your pets. Many campsites don’t like when people take pets along. However, it can be very detrimental in ensuring that you don’t get a fine or have to deal with containing your pet the whole time.


As you might have noticed, these tents were originally used for backpacking purposes, and due to the backpacking design, they are small and portable. The army needed something lightweight and these were the tents that manufacturers came up with. However, for backpacking, you must go as light and portable as possible.

The Anlik Pup Tent is one of the most useful pup tents that you can consider. It features solid construction and the tent is designed from decent materials. Additionally, it can house up to two people with ease and the structure offers you great value for your money. It is also small enough and will allow you to sleep in a tent.


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It is important that when you want a pup tent that you find one that offers everything you need. There are plenty of these options available and they are extremely useful. These were some of the main reasons that people prefer to integrate the pup tent into their gear setup. However, let us know in the comment section if you think we have missed any other important uses.

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