Why Do People Like Hiking? 7 Reasons You Should Try It

why do people like hiking

Hiking is something many of us outdoor fanatics like. However, for some people, it might seem like a senseless activity that requires energy that could have been used elsewhere. Since many people feel like this, it was important for us to consider why do people like hiking and allow us to see why so many people hike in their free time.

Hiking, like many outdoor activities, is a passion. It is something that comes from deep within and for many people, sitting at home is boring. While camping is one way to explore, you are limited to what you have nearby. However, hiking opens up the world and we will look at why do people like hiking in the modern age.

7 Reasons People Like Hiking

Hiking has been around from the early ages and while many people from earlier generations were forced to hike, this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, we have cars and other vehicles, but hiking is still something many of us enjoy. Having done some research, here are 7 of the top reasons that people love hiking.

why do people like hiking


One of the first important things that many people will say when you ask them about hiking is that it is relaxing. Hiking allows you to breathe in some fresh air and for many of us, we can forget about all our problems. Even though it might not solve all your problems, it gives you a minor reprieve from these problems and allows you to relax.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to take on one of the toughest hiking trails to have some fun. There are plenty of shorter trails that can just help you get out of your home. By doing a simple internet search, you should be able to easily identify some of these trails. Almost every city in the United States has a couple of trails surrounding it.

Meeting New People Who Hike

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you will be hiking on your own. While this can be done, it is often recommended that you have someone joining you. The likelihood of meeting new people increases significantly when it comes to joining hiking groups and organizations and it also gives you better prices on trails.

Once you have joined a hiking organization, you will get notifications of regular hiking activities and routines. For the avid hiker, this eliminates the need to find your trails and these trails are often some of the best. Keep in mind that membership is often used by these organizations to keep the trails in the best condition.

Connecting With Nature

Depending on where you live, nature might be something you get to experience every day or something you experience occasionally. If you are someone that loves the outdoors, the urban jungle might seem like a jail and hiking is one of the best ways that you can connect with nature and ensure you get back to your roots.

As mentioned, nature can calm you and you get time for yourself. If you like spending quality time with yourself, you should be able to enjoy hiking and use it as a tool to connect with nature once again. This is one of the main reasons that many of us seek out some of the best hiking trails available. Another option is to hike with other people.

The Physical Benefits

Hiking is something that will serve almost like a workout. If you have never hiked before and you think that doing 5-miles sounds easy, you are in for a surprise. It has plenty of physical benefits that include losing weight and even strengthening your body. It also burns calories rapidly, which ensures overall better health.

While hiking, the body will shed calories, and depending on factors like the hiking speed and the profile of the trail, it could be more or less with each trail. However, the average 160-pound person can burn almost 430-calories with just one hour of vigorous hiking. Keep in mind that intensity also plays a major role.

People Hike To Explore

If you are one of the curious individuals, you might want to explore the world and find out as much about everything as you can. To explore the world, you need to go outside and experience the world. This is the same for nature and you must spend some time outdoors if you want to have some new experiences.

For many of us, hiking is a way of bringing something new into our lives. By discovering new plant and flower species and seeing animals from up close, it makes life that much more exhilarating. Keep in mind that if you have a hiking guide, it is even better and you will learn so much more about everything and gain some additional knowledge.

Hiking with other people such as friends and family is great as you can enjoy the adventure together.

It Is Easy For Anyone To Do

If you look at the gym or other hobbies, you often need some specific skills to enjoy these activities. However, anyone can decide they want to hike and go outside. It is an easy activity and you don’t need to start with strenuous trails. You can often look for shorter trails that simply allow you to get started.

One of the best ways to start hiking is to simply start. While there are plenty of gear items that make a difference, it is not that you need to have them. The difficulty on a trailing indicator will often allow you to see if you can complete the trail or not. We recommend hiking for everyone that loves the outdoors.

Playing With New Gadgets

You can often find and play with new gadgets when you are hiking and there are plenty of manufacturers that spend time creating and developing gear that makes hiking easier. The upside is that you have a lot of new toys that you can experiment with and we love experimenting with new backpacks and hiking gear.


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Many people like hiking for the fun they could have and the ability to just get outdoors. While it might not be easy for everyone to go hiking, it is something that anyone can start. If you have ever wondered why do people like hiking, you should be able to see these reasons as enough to encourage you to start.

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