What Is Group Camping? 5 Ways To Have Fun With Friends

What is group camping

Camping by yourself or with your close family is often the way most people think of camping. However, group camping is also one of the best ways that friends can get together and have some fun. One of the most common questions we came about is; “what is group camping?” In theory, it is when numerous people decide to camp together.

The term group camping refers to a large group of people or family members that use the same campsite. There are plenty of group camping sites available and these are often much larger than your standard camping sites. In this article, we will look at the benefits of group camping and help you with tips to make it more efficient:

Benefits Of Group Camping

Now that you have a better understanding of what is group camping, you might need to look at some of the benefits. There are a couple of pros associated with camping with a lot of friends. These benefits can make your life much easier and you also have plenty of people for social interactions to keep you from being bored.

  • More hands: Having more hands to offer assistance does not seem like a lot. However, it will make chores that much easier to do.
  • Social Interactions: if you don’t want to stare at the wilderness, you will have some company to enjoy social interactions.
  • More thinking power: Should anything ever go wrong, you have more than one person to come up with solutions.
  • Teamwork: The one thing you will notice is that everyone will start working together and this will improve teamwork.

These might only be a few of the benefits and while there are much more, they are some of the most important. When you consider group camping, you should make sure that everyone on board is willing to play their part to reap these benefits.

Top 5 Tips For Successful Group Camping

Having done some camping yourself, you should have some expertise and skills that could help you outdoors. However, there are a couple of important tips that will make life so much easier when you are group camping. Here are some of the top tips that should ensure you have comfort and you can enjoy group camping:

Pick The Right People

You must pick the right people when group camping. There is no use if the people you pick are incompetent. Ideally, you should have plenty of friends or family members that share your passion for camping and have some experience. This should make it much easier if you don’t have to teach people skills.

While there might be a few people with different camping techniques than you, you must be also open to taking suggestions from them. You should pick the right people that will complement your personality when camping.

Make Sure Everyone Does Their Part

This might be self-explanatory, but you must find people that will do their part. This does not only mean they have to set up their own things, but also help to improve the communal areas. If each person can bring something to the table, it makes life easier for everyone involved in the camping journey.

It is often a good idea to take some stock before you go camping and when you take some stock, you should be able to identify which person can bring what. The whole idea of group camping is to emphasize teamwork and to allow you to have some outdoor fun when you are camping.

What is group camping

Planning For Chores

Since you have plenty of people, you don’t want one person to do everything. The best way around this is to divide the work that needs to be done each morning by the number of people. This will allow everyone to have some free time and each person will have at least one task they need to complete each day.

When thinking about keeping the campsite clean, it is better to let everyone know that their section is their own responsibility. Once someone cleans their own section, you will notice that the overall magnitude of the work that needs to be done will rapidly come down and this will make life that much easier.


No one wants to spend the entire day sitting at the campsite and many people want to get out and do some activities. When doing activities, the best thing you can do is planning. It is much better to plan your activities ahead of time and to set up days for things to be done together. This will also allow everyone to plan for the days ahead.

If someone does not want to join in with the activities, you never have to force them. Keep in mind that it is always valuable to have someone at the camp. They might be tasked with starting an early fire or even preparing some of the food before it has to be cooked.

Take Turns Doing Communal Things

While you can have someone be the chef for the trip, it is not always fun. Cooking for plenty of people is great when you love cooking, but after that, it becomes a chore. Since cooking is a communal thing, you have to split it up and let everyone take a turn. The same goes for cleaning some of the communal areas to ensure they are clean.

The bathroom will be one of the most used areas on the campsite and it is better if everyone takes a turn to clean the area. However, if you can get everyone to just clean the communal areas when they use them, there should be very little cleaning that needs to be done. It is important to split up some of these communal activities.

What Is Group Camping Wrap-Up

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If you ever wondered what is group camping, this article should have made it a little easier for you to understand. However, there might be plenty more tips that we could have missed and we would love some of your insight. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed anything important that you would have added.


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