What Is Yurt Camping? 7 Best Benefits Of Using a Yurt

What Is Yurt Camping

If you don’t like camping with only the bare basics, you might want to consider yurt camping. It is often also known as glamping or glamorous camping among many of the people that enjoy it. However, there are various degrees of yurt camping and this has lead to some people asking; “what is yurt camping?” and it is fun?

The yurt is one of the oldest camping structures known to man and it comes from the days of Genghis Khan. His armies used to sweep through areas, setting up these yurt tents and giving themselves some comfort. However, modern yurts have improved significantly in recent years and some of them have become high-end.

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What Is Yurt Camping?

The yurt is an old structure and it was used due to being one of the most comfortable structures one can use. These structures are much larger than your traditional tent and they offer decent protection from the elements. However, they are bulky, and setting some of them up can often take ages to complete if you are one person.

Nowadays, it has been made much easier and you simply have to call the camping area you have chosen and they will have a yurt already set up. Much like lodges, these yurts are modern and they are fixed. They often have electricity and everything on the inside that you will find at a self-catering venue. It is much more comfortable than a tent as well.

While yurt camping required plenty of resources back in the day, you simply have to take all the things that you will need to consume in the modern era. All the cooking appliances will be provided and often, you might even have beds ready. Today, yurt camping is very similar to what you would find when you are camping at a lodge.

How Yurt Camping Has Evolved

You have to take a step back to understand yurt camping and see how it has evolved as a form of camping. In ancient times, everything was done by hand and electricity was only a dream. However, the yurt has incorporated all of the modern technology to give you something viable and durable that will offer shelter.

It is hard to find a yurt if you want to buy it and your best bet will be to have one built for you. These yurts have everything and they often even include tech features you would have in your home. On the inside, they are spacious as well. This means they should be able to accommodate plenty of people with ease.

Benefits Of Yurt Camping

Now that you know what yurt camping is and how it works, you might also need to look at some of the benefits. These benefits might not satisfy everyone. However, they should make life much easier for those that are not experienced with minimalistic camping. Here are some of the top benefits of yurt camping over any other form:


Yurts are not as popular as many people might think and since some people are still skeptical about them, they are surprisingly affordable. If you find a location that features lodges and yurts, you will notice that the yurts are far cheaper. For the most part, you might not even notice the difference in amenities if you camp in a yurt.


The yurt is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially if you have never seen one or been inside. It might not make drastic changes to your lifestyle, but eventually, you will notice that they are unique and you have a different way of living. It is frustrating for many people to constantly stay inside around the structure, but it is often worth it.

They have a unique design that will make life much easier for you and the yurt are also durable from the elements on the outside. You must look at the yurt as a durable structure and trust the unit when it comes to protection.


While lodges might often have more space, the yurt has plenty of room on the inside and the roominess will ensure that you have a lot of space for movement. Your tent is small and you won’t have freedom of movement, especially when you have numerous people on the inside of the tent that is currently using it for shelter.

Some of the bigger yurts can house plenty of people and they should be the ideal size for families. Instead of having numerous tents, you can simply use a single yurt. This will save you costs on the different tents and you also save a lot on the available space.

Brings You Back To Nature

While the tent will give you the experience of nature, it still feels like it does not need to be there. The yurt is an ancient piece of history and you will be able to feel what many of the Mongolian soldiers were feeling while preparing for battle. It not only allows you to feel a little bit closer to nature but also back to history.

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Energy Efficient

The final one is one of the most important, but yurts are extremely energy efficient. You don’t need to worry about electricity bills and other utilities aside from water. Having a solid solar panel on some of these yurts makes them perfect for green campers. You will have gas cooking stoves on the inside or you can create a fire outdoors.

The yurt has almost no bad footprint and this makes it one of the best options for those that are concerned with the environment and you should be able to get some great value for your money when using them.

What Is Yurt Camping Wrap-Up

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If you have ever wondered what is yurt camping, we hope that this article has shed some light on it. It is almost similar to other forms of camping, but you can have so much more fun and many people feel closer to nature. Let us know in the comment section what you think about yurt camping and if you have ever experienced it.


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