How To Make Hiking Fun: 6 Ways To Enjoy Your Hike

how to make hiking fun

Doing an article on how to make hiking fun is one of the hardest things to do. Hiking is already fun and you will get to see the world. You will also get to explore new adventures that could make life more interesting for you. However, many people might want more and this is why they often ask how to make hiking fun when trekking a hiking trail.

There are a couple of things you can do to make hiking fun. However, it all boils down to what is your expectation. If hiking feels like a drag, it might often be much better for you to completely skip hiking and avoid it. In this article, we will look at different ways that you can use to make hiking more fun.

How To Make Hiking Fun – 6 Top Tips

To help you have more fun hiking, we have decided to create a couple of tips. You don’t need to incorporate all of these tips, but as you become more comfortable as a hiker, you will find that hiking can be fun. These tips might not be for everyone, but you will certainly notice yourself and others have more fun while hiking.

It All Starts With The Right Trail

While some trails can often be boring for many people, hiking starts with the trail. You must select a trail that is full of scenery and things for people to look at. Instead of doing your standard flat trails, you might even look for hilly terrain. These will offer more of a challenge.

However, you don’t want the trail to be too difficult. This might often distract people from having fun and they will only focus on finishing the trail. You must select a trail you find comfortable and have some fun. At the same time, you must ensure that you have the maximum level of comfort to allow people to have some fun.

Hiking With Friends

One thing that could be extremely boring is hiking on your own. Unfortunately, most people need to have people around them to keep busy and this will be in the form of conversations. If you find that hiking on your own is tedious and boring, you might need some friends. However, many people have the skills to hike alone.

If you don’t have friends who are into hiking, you might want to join one of the local hiking clubs. The great thing about these clubs is that people often hike in groups. Hiking with friends is one of the best ways that you can use to keep yourself busy and hike with a partner.

Integrating Games

If you have children and you want them to have some fun on the hiking trip, you might want to start integrating games. The more games you integrate, the better it will be for you and the kids to have some fun. There are plenty of games you can use like hiking bingo and reward the winner each time they have won.

There is one downside to creating hiking games. Sometimes people get caught up with hiking games that they forget about the trail. This could defeat the purpose of hiking and you might find that it could be better to hike around town. These games are often some of the best ways to get kids interested in hiking.

Plan Activities To Do

While not all hiking trails will permit you to do this, you can often create your activities to do along the way. Once you have a few activities planned, you will be able to keep telling your friends and hiking buddies about these activities and this could potentially keep them motivated to continue marching forward and having some fun.

These activities can range from having a picnic to stopping at a specific spot to fish. However, you will need to clear with the authorities or the owners of the trail what is permitted. Fortunately, a picnic is not harmful to the environment and it is one of the top ways to spend some casual time with your friends and family.

Make It A Learning Experience

Beginners and children are those who mostly get bored when hiking and this means that your efforts to make it fun will need to be directed at them. Since most beginners have no real clue about hiking and often even nature, you can make it a learning experience. Those with a curious mind will certainly be at the forefront.

To make it a learning experience, you will need to have someone extremely knowledgeable of the trail or the scenery. You should let this person lead the way and they could teach you all about the trail. This might not always be ideal for some of the younger children, but as they grow older, they will have more experience.

Scavenger Hunting

Finally, we all love a great scavenger hunt, especially when there are plenty of great rewards for you to get when you do it. A scavenger hunt is often a great thing for beginners to get into hiking and with each treasure they find, they will feel like they have been rewarded. If you have the time and funds, you can scatter these throughout the trail.

A scavenger hunt is great for beginners due to the interest that it builds. You will notice that you constantly have interest from the children and they might even try to convince you to go hiking. However, you should limit these activities, as the main goal is to get them interested in hiking as a whole instead of just the games. Geocaching is also a fun activity that is kind of like going on a scavenger hunt.

How To Make Hiking Fun Wrap-Up

Hiking is a great way to blow off some steam and if you have some great friends, you can spend a lot of time connecting. While it might be boring for many people, you should be able to have plenty of fun when you simply set out. Let us know in the comment section how to make hiking fun and what you do to make it happen.


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