Camping With A Puppy: 7 Things You Need To Know

Camping with a puppy

Puppies are the epitome of cuteness and for many people, the dream of owning a puppy often gets realized when they have a camping trip planned. The issue with puppies is that you cannot leave them at home like you would with your larger dogs. This is why camping with a puppy is often a real skill that you might need to learn.

Since camping is fun and puppies are busy, you can understand that puppies will be quite a handful when it comes to camping. However, we have designed this article to give you some tips and tricks that should help you to camp with your puppy and not worry about anything when you are efficiently prepared to do so.

Camping With A Puppy: What You Need To Know Before Going

Since camping with a puppy is daunting for many people, the following guide will help you understand some specific tips. These tips can be used for all dogs when you are camping, but you need to be even more delicate when it comes to puppies. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when camping with a puppy.

Food For Puppies

One of the first things that you will need to keep in mind is that puppies have a very specific diet that they need to follow. Unfortunately, you cannot simply buy standard dog food and expect your puppy to eat the food. You should consult your veterinarian to ensure that you understand which food is needed for your puppy.

If you are used to bringing up puppies, this should not be so much of an issue and chances are that you already know the foods that your puppy will eat. However, we would like to stress that you need specific foods for your puppy.

Vaccination Shots For Camping With Puppies

Puppies have plenty of vaccination shots they need to go for. This is done every couple of months depending on their age. Since you are taking your puppy into a dangerous environment, you will need to make sure that they have been effectively vaccinated and that the puppy is immune to any kind of illness.

When you take your puppy into the wilderness, they will be exposed to a variety of different illnesses that could potentially be fatal for animals. You must wait and make sure the puppy has been given all the vaccination shots they need.

Pet-Friendly Campgrounds

Even though your puppy will be small and the chances of them ever becoming a nuisance is very low, you still need to make sure that you find the right campgrounds. When planning your camping trip, you should request a list of the rules and regulations that regulate the campground and everything you will need to know.

To ensure that you don’t break any of the rules, we would recommend that you consider looking for pet-friendly campgrounds. Often these campgrounds will have some of the utilities you need to make sure your pet has everything they need.

Introduce The Puppy To The RV Or Tent

The camping style and gear will vary from person to person. While many people prefer traditional tent camping, others like the comfort of an RV. It is important that before you go camping, you familiarize your pet with the RV or tent to make sure they are comfortable being inside and running around.

Your pet will familiarize themselves with the smell of the tent or RV. This means that they will establish it as a base camp. Should your puppy runoff, the smell of the tent or the RV might be enough for them to come back.

Dog Training

While dog training is not mandatory, it is a great way to ensure that your pet understands your commands. They will often react to these commands. Finding a dog trainer can be expensive. However, you will only need to have your dog trained once if you are to get them to understand these commands.

We recommend dog training for all dogs that leave the home often and this will also allow you as the owner to have more control over the puppy when they start doing their own thing if they get comfortable with the environment.

Remember The Essentials

Aside from specific food for your puppy, you must carry some essentials that your puppy might need. Snacks and treats are often a great way to get your puppy to listen. You should consider carrying a couple of these to make sure.

If your puppy is on any medication, you should always carry their medication. When stuck at a camping ground, the chances of finding medication for your puppy are zero. We would recommend that you double-check all the essentials.

Give Them Some Space

Finally, many people are all over the puppy when they let it loose to roam around. While we don’t recommend leaving your puppy to fend for itself, you still need to give it some space. Most dogs get overwhelmed by all the new smells and it might take your puppy a while to acclimatize and become used to the environment.

You should keep your distance, but be sure that you can keep an eye on the puppy. You can always step in when they are taking it too far or when any potential might arise.

Camping With A Puppy Wrap-Up

Camping with a puppy is fun and you will often have your hands full. However, your puppy will learn new skills and they will get used to the environment of camping. It is important to give them some room and space to explore. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever gone camping with your puppy and if we missed anything important.

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