7 Top Tips For Hiking With Dogs

tips for hiking with dogs

Pets and especially dogs are some of the best animals when it comes to the outdoors. They like to walk and round and they are always up for new experiences. While not every dog is made for hiking long trails, most dogs will comfortably do smaller trails. You must understand the tips for hiking with dogs.

Since dogs are made for endurance and they aim t please their owners, most dogs have plenty of fun when it comes to the outdoors. If you make your dog used to hiking, they will understand the different commands and they will also enjoy the hiking trails. This article aims to give you the top tips for hiking with dogs.

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Top 7 Tips For Hiking With Dogs

As mentioned, in this article, we have identified some of the top tips when it comes to hiking with dogs. This will ensure that you and your dog have the best experience and you should be able to get the best results from these experiences. Keep in mind that common sense is also important, but here are the top tips for hiking with dogs:

Understand The Limits Of Your Dog

One of the first things that you will need to deal with is understanding the limits of your dog. If your dog is not used to regular exercise, it might be daunting to take them hiking. Much like humans, dogs also have a set fitness level and this fitness level needs to be gradually increased until the dog feels comfortable with hiking.

It is best to start with small trails and you will find that shorter trails will allow your dog to gradually increase their fitness level, much like you would increase your fitness level before you go hiking. However, you need to keep in mind that dogs are on average a lot more fit than us humans are when not working out.

Find A Hiking Trail That Permits Dogs

Not all hiking trails are equal and you will find that some hiking trails do not permit dogs to be on the trail. Dogs can be hard to control if they are not disciplined and this might be daunting and frustrating for most people. You should consider the ideal trail that will permit you to freely hike with your dogs.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the laws of the trail surrounding dogs. For the most part, these trails will force you to keep your dog on a leash. You will need to find a comfortable leash for your dogs to walk around with. The Lanney Hands-Free Dog Leash is one of the best options for you to consider due to its hands-free design.

Prepare For The Weather And The Terrain

Weather is something we can rarely control. However, you have the opportunity to look at the weather forecast before the hiking trip. You should prepare for the weather and should you be hiking in cold conditions, you need to keep your dog warm. You will have to ensure that they have the most comfortable body temperature possible.

While we don’t recommend clothing for dogs when hiking, you will have to consider whether the weather might be too cold for your pet. Using dog clothing can often be frustrating for the pet unless they are used to wearing clothes. In snow, they might also lack traction and the dog could tire out much faster than usual.

Water Is Vital For Hiking With Dogs

Much like you will need to take a rest and have a sip of water, your dog might also want some water when it comes to keeping them hydrated. Since dogs can carry their water, you as the owner will need to take the responsibility. When you take a break from hiking, you can give your dog some water to cool down.

If you are hiking on a hot sunny day, we would recommend carrying additional water. The extra water should be great for cooling them down. You can often splash the dog with some water to keep them cool and their body temperatures in the best possible condition. You might also want to consider carrying a few snacks as well.

Getting Rid Of Dog Poop

Unfortunately, we cannot control the bladder of our pets. They tend to do their business whenever they feel the need to. The best way to deal with dog poop is to take your dog a fair distance from the trail. You can find a secluded spot and let the dog go about doing its business in peace.

However, we would recommend that you bury the excrement of your dog to ensure that other animals don’t smell it. Keep in mind that there are often plenty of wild animals on these trails and you don’t want to lure any predators to the trail when other innocent people are passing by.

Dog Training Is Important

While we don’t suggest that you take your dog to a professional to be trained, your dog should have some form of training. It is best if the dog obeys your orders under any circumstances. If you come across wild animals, you might find that the dog will want to chase the animals. However, this is never permitted when hiking.

You should spend some time training your dog to obey your commands and when you carry treats on the trip, you significantly increase the chances of your dog obeying your orders.

Be Consistent

If you want your dog to join you on hiking trails, you must have some form of consistency. Instead of hiking only once a year, you should do some research to find as many dog-friendly trails as you can and this will enable you to be on the hike more often. It is a great way to effectively train your dog.

Top Tips For Hiking With Dogs Wrap-Up

Dogs are certainly mas best friend, but they often have a mind of their own. If you like hiking, you must follow these top tips for hiking with dogs to ensure that you obey the rules and have some fun. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed any important tips that you often follow.

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