How Much Are Camping Pods? 3 Points To Consider

how much are camping pods

If you have an open piece of land that you have access to and you consider using it often for camping, you might be in the position to consider the camping pod. If you are tired of constantly setting up your tent and breaking it down, the camping pod could be the perfect addition. However, we need to find out how much are camping pods.

Camping pods are wooden structures set up in locations you would commonly pitch a tent. However, these structures need to be built and if you have specifications, it can be expensive. Camping pods are an expensive investment. However, they offer you more durability than a tent and will ensure that you have plenty of comforts when camping.

You must do some adequate research when looking at pods. This article aims to help you better understand pods and how much they will cost you. It can be an expensive endeavor, but you will notice how much more comfortable it can be. Here is what we think about pods:

What Are Camping Pods?

If you are an avid camper, you must have heard about pods or the more luxurious option, which is the glamping pod. These pods are often constructed from wood and they serve as more of a hut that will shelter you from the environment around you. It is much more expensive than a tent but offers more luxury.

One of the main reasons for using pods instead of a tent is the structural integrity of the units. The pod is made from solid wood and the wood will ensure that you don’t have to worry about your tent being taken away by the wind. You must have heard about glamping pods as well. These are a little more luxurious than your camping pod.

How Much Are Camping Pods

Now that you have a better idea of what a pod is, you might be wondering how much they are. Camping pods vary in price. That being said, it is not that easy for us to place a set price on the camping pod. Depending on the manufacturer, the price might vary. Here we will look at some of the things that could drive the price up or down:

The Construction Materials

One of the first things that you will need to consider is the construction materials of the pods. While wood is used for the most part, it is not the only material available. Many people might consider using bricks and creating a small house. While it might not be a camping pod, people will still call it a camping pod due to the size.

The construction materials will have a big impact on the price of the camping pod. When you think of glamping pods, they are also made from durable materials and steel can often be used for the frame of the structure. Unfortunately, there are too many variables in the construction to find a set price for the camping pod.


Once again, the size will also have a big impact on the price of your camping pod. The more material and square inches you need for building, the more expensive the camping pod tends to be. However, you might need to plan the pod to ensure that the size of the unit you are building is practical and functional.

If you have plenty of friends and family that want to use the pod, it is often best to have a couple of rooms. However, you don’t want to make the unit too big, or it might look like you have a lodge running. Determine the right size and find out which rooms you will need before building the pod. Most people simply have a square structure that is only used for shelter.

Internal Accessories

One thing that could have a significant impact on your budget is the accessories that you want on the inside. The internal accessories are designed to give you comfort and to make sure that you have the perfect pod that will ensure you are comfortable and have the amenities you will need.

Glamping pods are more advanced and they cater to individuals in a luxurious fashion. The glamping pod features more accessories that will ensure you have comfort. However, accessories like televisions and electrical appliances are expensive. These are small things that you can add to your camping pod over time to improve it.

How Much Will It Cost To Build A Camping Pod?

This is not one of the easiest questions to answer. The cost of the pod greatly varies depending on some of the factors we have mentioned. You might find that some people take a minimalistic approach to the camping pod and they only have the basics included. Other people might go more for the glamping option.

If we are to put a price on a camping pod that most people will feel comfortable with, we should mention that it is around $4000. However, these pods tend to be slightly smaller than some of the glamping pods we have seen. For an advanced glamping pod, you can easily look to pay around $10,000 with all the accessories added. Additionally, to save the most money, you could even build one yourself.

How Much Are Camping Pods Wrap-Up

If you are tired of using the traditional tent, the camping pod could be one of the best options to give you comfort and allow you to have shelter. Yes, these pods might be expensive, but instead of constantly pitching your tent, you will have your own lodge. Let us know in the comment section what you think about building a camping pod.

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