What Is Sustainable Camping? 7 Best Tips

What is sustainable camping

Global warming is a real threat and we see it every day with people doing their business at the expense of nature. As a camper, you must take a more sustainable approach to camp, and once you understand what is sustainable camping; you will be doing a couple of things differently to protect the environment.

The goal of this article is to educate you as the reader on sustainable camping and what you will need to do to make sure that you can camp sustainably. We will be looking at what is sustainable camping and give you some basic tips to make sure that you keep the environment in mind when you go camping.

What Is Sustainable Camping?

The sustainability of the environment falls on the shoulders of every person. When you go camping, you need to make sure that you leave the terrain and the environment in the same condition that you found it. This means that you should focus on keeping it clean and try to leave it the way that you found it.

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One of the reasons we emphasize sustainable camping is that we want our children and grandchildren to all see the same things and the same nature that we go to see. The only way to ensure that future generations will also have access to these great environments is to practice sustainable camping and to protect the environment.

Sustainable Camping Tips For You To Integrate

Once you understand the importance of sustainable camping, you might be wondering what classifies as sustainable camping. Fortunately, we have done some research to try to educate you on some of the basic tips. These are some of the basic tips that should allow you to focus on sustainable camping and leave something for the next generations to enjoy.

Leave No Trace Principle

One of the first things that you should know about camping is the “LEAVE NO TRACE” principle and this principle lets you know that you should not leave any trace that you have been there. If you have made a fire, you should clean up the fire and bury it if possible to make sure that no one can see it being there.

The principle applies to anything you do in nature and you must try to follow it. By not leaving any trace, you will be keeping everything clean and it will not be a battle for nature to reclaim the environment. You should look at the campsite before you arrive and leave it in the same condition when you leave.

Choose Reusable

When selecting the things that you will be taking on the camping trip, it can often be a daunting task to find everything you need. One thing you might want to consider is using recycled or reusable items that could make life a little easier for you and it should also be effective when you clean up as these things can be taken home.

While certain things cannot be reused, you should try to choose as many things as possible that can be reused. If things cannot be reused, you should dispose of them in the cleanest and most environmentally friendly way possible. It might be much easier to avoid things that could cause some harm or damage to the environment.

Protect The Waterways

For many people, it might seem like a viable option to clean themselves or wash things in streams that might be going through the campsite. However, you want to avoid polluting things as much as possible and water pollution is one of the worst things we currently need to deal with. The best thing you can do is to take some water and clean things elsewhere.

The reason for keeping the water clean is that animals and fish tend to drink or use the water to stay alive. The more pollution you add to the water, the slimmer the chances of survival for wildlife in that part of the world. If possible, you can also go camping and take your supply of water. Remember to safely dispose of the dirty water.

Don’t Overuse Resources

At most campsites, you will have access to showers and even firewood. While these resources are great to make your camping trip more enjoyable, you should try to use them sparingly. Keep in mind that firewood costs cutting down trees and many animals rely on these trees for food and shelter in many cases.

The water from the showers is often pumped from local streams and it all comes down to keeping the waterways protected. Instead of showering 5 times a day, you might want to limit yourself to one shower when you need it. This will help you to use water sparingly and enjoy the trip.

Respect The Wildlife

If you see animals roaming about your campsite, it might be tempting for you to go to the animals and try to feed them. For many people, it is humane to feed them. However, you should respect the wildlife and understand that once you start feeding them, they will always be coming back for food, even when you are not around.

This could cause some serious issues for the animals and they might even become a nuisance to other campers in the area. If you see wildlife, you should admire and respect them from a distance. They are great to look at and they add some more value to your camping trip.

Fire Safety Is The Most Important

We have left the most important principle for last, but practicing fire safety is one of the most important things that you can do. Fires are wonderful to boost your morale and give you some heat, but they can also be dangerous when they run away. Instead of making a wildfire, you need to make a controlled fire you can quickly stop.

Rampaging wildfires can cause plenty of damage and this is not only to the campsites. Animals can die from these fires and you will be wiping out plenty of these innocent animals. We recommend making a controlled fire and once you are done, you need to make sure that you have effectively killed the fire.

What Is Sustainable Camping Wrap-Up

Sustainable camping is an important part of camping in general and you will always need to make sure that you practice sustainable camping when you are out on a trip. We would recommend that you follow these tips as much as possible. However, let us know in the comment section if we have missed any other tips.

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