How To Go Hiking With A Toddler: 6 Best Tips

How to go hiking with a toddler

While hiking with babies can be very frustrating and hard for many people, it is often best to go hiking with a toddler. They are a perfect age and they should be comfortable walking smaller hiking trails with you. However, you want to make the trip as easy and comfortable as possible for them, which means you need to know how to go hiking with a toddler.

Keep in mind that even though toddlers are comfortable walking on their own, they cannot do significant distances and you will need to make sure that you give them plenty of support. The aim of this article is not only to show you how to go hiking with a toddler, but how to make it easier for you and your toddler.

How To Go Hiking With A Toddler – Top 6 Tips

To help you ensure that you have a great hiking experience, we need to have a closer look at hiking with a toddler. We have isolated some of the best tips and tricks and this will enable you to have a comfortable hiking trip. It should ensure that you keep your toddler interested and make life a little easier when hiking.

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Start Small

While this might seem like something you already know, you need to keep this in mind when selecting a hiking route. Instead of these longer hiking routes, you might want to consider one of the shorter hiking trails to get your toddler comfortable. Keep in mind that a toddler cannot do a massive distance as you can.

Additionally, shorter routes will also be better for you to do with your toddler. Once your toddler is uncomfortable on the hiking route, they might be very hard to handle. You as the parent will need to carry them and this will make the route that much harder for yourself. Strollers might not be functional on all hiking routes.

Buy Them Comfortable Shoes

Much like you want to have the best shoes for hiking, you might want to consider buying comfortable shoes for your toddler as well. It might not sound like it is a good reason, but new shoes will affect these toddlers, especially when you let them know that the new shoes are only for hiking, it could improve their motivation.

If you want them to feel as comfortable as possible, you want to invest in one of the best hiking shoes. The Merrell Unisex-Child Trail Chaser Sneaker might be a little bit expensive, but for toddlers, it is one of the best shoes on the market today. The comfort will also reduce the fatigue, allowing them to walk farther.

Packing The Essentials

If you are taking your toddler hiking, you will notice that they have plenty of essentials you need to keep in mind and it can be hard to know what the toddler might need when you are on the trip. You must carry all the essentials and snacks will be one of the most important items you can carry when hiking with toddlers.

We would also recommend your stroller. Yes, it might not be effective for every route. However, flat routes will allow you to break out the stroller. The stroller should be comfortable for your toddler and allow them to rest while you keep going. This is also another reason that we recommend some of the entry-level routes.

Prepare The Toddler For The Hike

One thing that many people neglect is preparing their toddlers for these hiking trips. It could be a shock to get your child out on a hiking route, but if you prepare them mentally, you should be able to get the best possible results. To prepare your toddler for hiking trips, you will need to speak to them and give them some incentive.

We have noticed that an incentive the first couple of times might even get them excited about hiking. You should give them something to walk towards and they should be more comfortable and excited when they need to go hiking. Eventually, they might even get to like it and you will need the incentives to continue.

Keep It Fun When Hiking With A Toddler

While you are hiking, you might notice that your toddler is tired. However, your toddler might be bored faster than they get tired and this will induce tiredness. You as the parent should make it as fun as possible and you might want to consider playing a few games. You can try to spot wildlife or have other games to get them going.

However, the most important thing is that you keep it fun for as long as possible. The longer your toddler is having fun, the more inclined they will be to continue with the trip. We recommend that you get ready with a few games to ensure that your toddler never gets bored and they should have plenty of fun.

Don’t Be Too Ambitious

Finally, you might want to encourage them to go hiking and push the toddler to achieve things. However, this is not always the way to go and you should consider taking it slow. Don’t let ambition get the best of you and allow your toddler to move along at their own pace and even lead the pace of the group.

If they are tired, you might need to carry them and you can find the perfect hiking straps for these purposes. You can comfortably carry them and you will have plenty of space to add their snacks and beverages.

How To Go Hiking With A Toddler Wrap-Up

Hiking is fun when you have a decent team and you enjoy it as a passion. However, hiking with a toddler is a different ball game and there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. We hope that this article has given you some tips on how to make hiking with a toddler that much easier. However, let us know in the comment section if we missed anything important.

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